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Former ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier blasts report accusing him of wrongdoing

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Former ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier is blasting a report accusing him of wrongdoing.

The report says an investigation began last February. An agent with the Integrity Unit was assigned to investigate Collier.

The report pointed to questionable purchases, including:

  • Printing material from former House Speaker Mike Hubbard's company
  • Clothing from Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Sunglasses $150
  • Handgun purchases

There were also allegations of xexual harassment, prescription drug abuse and falsifying time sheets

Collier released this statement on Tuesday:

This is probably the sleaziest politics that I have ever seen. One witness in this report has recanted and others will. Stan Stabler and Michael Robinson threatened employees, lied to them and intimidated them to say whatever was needed to fit the narrative.

Collier says he was fired because he asked Governor Bentley to stop his affair with his advisor Rebecca Caldwell Mason. Collier has sued Bentley and Mason for wrongful termination.

You can read the ALEA report below:

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