You might be a Southerner: Chicken salad

You might be a Southerner: Chicken salad

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We all agree a good chicken salad begins with chicken and mayonnaise.

There are those who use yogurt instead of mayo but they are not making chicken salad. They are making chicken and yogurt. This is automatically deleted from the chicken salad category.

Now to other ingredients. Traditional additions to chicken salad include pecans, grapes, celery and sweet pickles.

The proportions and combinations have been known to rankle church ladies at potluck suppers throughout the South.

If you really want to make 'em squawk ask about adding apples, cranberries, almonds, pineapple or onion.

If you'd like to start an all out brawl just try to discuss crumbled egg yolks, onion, bacon and walnuts. Just for fun, you can ask if they prefer cashews or macadamia nuts in their chicken salad.

After the roar dies down stir it up again by asking which brand of mayonnaise is best. Bless their's all good.

What's your favorite chicken salad recipe?

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