Damon Melton is a little firefighter with a big heart

WBRC Digital Exclusive: Little firefighter with a big heart

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - At only 5-years-old, Damon Melton appears headed for a career with the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service.

His mother, Alanah, says when Damon was 2-years-old, he asked for a fire truck for Valentine's Day.

"And it's been fire and rescue ever since," she said.

At 3-years-old, Alanah says he was watching videos on the history of the fire service.

Damon and his mother attend Mount Hebron Baptist Church in Birmingham, along with Birmingham Fire Chief Charles Gordon.

Gordon, who has children of his own, says while two families were friends, he and Damon developed a close relationship once Damon realized what he did for a living.

"He came to me one day and asked if I was real firefighter; this was before I became chief," Gordon said.

Gordon says when Damon asked to see some of his station's fire trucks, he thought Damon was just expressing some of the usual fascination he has seen in other children.

But Gordon says Damon's interest goes deeper.

"He actually seeks knowledge and he's one that will call and ask, 'What about a carbon monoxide detector, how does that work?'" Gordon said. "He always has questions about how things work in the fire service."

Damon shows a surprising comfort level with the fire station and some of the equipment at Fire Station One.

"They have lots of cool equipment, and if they don't have to use it on you, it's really fun," he said.

You can watch the full interview with Damon, his mom and Chief Gordon attached to this story.

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