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Mayor: Shooting victim was approached to be part of violence reduction initiative

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Birmingham city council member LaShunda Scales called for increased police presence in east Birmingham following a deadly shooting outside Auto Zone near Huffman High School on Monday afternoon.

“We’re not going to survive like that,” Scales said about a series of violent crimes in the area since May. “I’m asking for as many resources as we can so there is a known presence and if you go there, 'we own you.’”

Mayor William Bell said specialized teams of undercover and uniformed officers have been working to address crime concerns.

“There are dynamics going on there right now that we are trying to figure out how to disrupt,” Mayor Bell said.

Bell said the victim of Monday afternoon’s shooting on Huffman Road, 20-year-old Chancey Harper, had been approached by police to take part in the city’s violence reduction initiative.

Mayor Bell said Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper even urged Harper to take part in the program that provides support for individuals considered high risk of committing violent crime or being a victim of violent crime.

“We tried to recruit him, but he refused,” Bell said.

Police continue to look for a suspect in the case.

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