You might be a Southerner: All y'all

You might be a Southerner: All y'all

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you understand there's a big difference between "y'all" and "all y'all," you might be a Southerner.

This is a fine point that many Southerners may not even think about because they instinctively know the difference.

The beloved term "y'all" is a conjunction of "you all." When delivered with a suitable drawl it is sweet as Silver Queen Corn and warm as a July breeze.

But, when "all" is added in front of "y'all" it is a double down on plurality. It is commonly used in exasperation when outnumbered by people who don't understand your perspective.

An Auburn fan might use it in a room full of Crimson Tide fans saying, "I'm sick and tired of all y'all Bammers talking about Bear Bryant."

A Crimson Tide fan might reply to a room full of orange and blue saying, "All y'all Weagles are just jealous."

But in the end, it can still be used with warmth. "Bless your hearts, all y'all just don't understand."

How would you use "all y'all?"

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