You might be a Southerner: Casserole

You might be a Southerner: Casserole

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you top your casserole with crushed Golden Flake Potato Chips, you might be a Southerner.

Casseroles are more than food among Southern circles. They are cherished family recipes that compete for honor and dominance at potluck suppers. They sit side by side begging for comparison.

The toppings are easiest to spot. There's the classic Golden Flake crush, the common Ritz Cracker crumble and the highly sophisticated Durkee's Fried Onion sprinkle.

You can find a Southerner to defend any of the three choices depending on the individual's upbringing. Most will smile politely and eat any topping but will secretly think their home casserole is exceedingly superior.

This only becomes a problem in a mixed marriage. A Ritz boy married to a Golden Flake girl is headed for trouble.

What's your favorite casserole topping?

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