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At least 8 dead in historic Louisiana floods

Source: Preaux Motion Video and Photo Source: Preaux Motion Video and Photo

Good morning!  These are some of the stories we are covering for you this morning on WBRC/Fox6 Good Day Alabama:

A special session is underway to discuss lottery proposals, but the lottery wasn't discussed on day one.  We'll be in Montgomery again today covering the session.

Happening now, rescue crews and brave volunteers are still working around the clock in Louisiana to rescue more people from historic floods.
At least eight people are now confirmed dead from the flooding and over 11,000 are in shelters this morning. There is still a concern for more rain in Louisiana and Mickey is taking a closer look at that a little later this morning. 

You will also hear from the man who rescued a woman and her dog from a car submerged in water.

A warning about middle-schoolers abusing mushrooms to get high.

And a strange twist in a murder-for-hire case. 

We have the video of a marriage proposal at a Barons game.

You will see the wild video of what happened when a monkey got loose in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.

Our diet and nutrition expert is taking a closer look at protein needs for your body at 7:50 a.m.

And our wildlife expert is also joining us in the 8-AM hour to talk about game-checking.

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