Karle's Korner: So Is Lane Kiffin 36 or 41-years-old? Who cares?

Karle's Korner: So Is Lane Kiffin 36 or 41-years-old? Who cares?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is an editorial from WBRC FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:

I have to come clean: Now that I'm 53, the wrinkles are starting to show a bit more while whatever athleticism I once had is quickly evaporating. Performing nightly on HD television is at times painful (I know, it's painful for you too… very funny) as each day I'm reminded that like you, I'm on the clock.
So why the commentary on the age thing? I see a few stories (and here's another one) on the exact age of Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. You see, until late Tuesday afternoon, Kiffin had his birth date listed as May 9, 1980 on his Twitter page bio (he has since dropped the year). The catch? According to Wikipedia & bio listings everywhere, Kiffin was actually born on May 9, 1975. The rub? Kiffin is 41-years-old in the real world but only 36 in the world of Twitter. So what in the name of Botox is going on here, and should you care?

If you root for the Crimson Tide you truly appreciate what the pride of Bloomington, Minnesota has done for your football team. As he enters his third season at the Capstone, Kiffin can boast of turning Blake Sims and Jake Coker into true Bama heroes while helping the Crimson Tide to a national semi-final and a national championship in his first two years as the OC. And he's done it with boyish good looks and a quick, sarcastic wit. But while Kiffin has Hollywood swagger, his Twitter bio has him born five years after he was, well, actually born. This we do know: Kiffin graduated from high school in 1994. If he's truly 36-years-old, it means that Kiffin went onto play quarterback at Fresno State at the age of 14. It means that he became the Oakland Raiders head coach at the age of 27. It means he became the Bama OC at age 34.

So what's the deal here? Did Kiffin simply make a mistake in listing the wrong birth date on his Twitter page? Did he do it intentionally? Did hitting the big four-oh so greatly affect him that he had to rewind the clock? Was someone else put in charge of writing Kiffin's bio and simply botched it? My take is that it really doesn't matter. As long as the OC keeps doing what he's been doing in Tuscaloosa, Bama fans don't care if he's 36 or 96. They don't care what his Twitter bio reads, and they don't care what his fantasy nickname really is. All they care about is seeing Lane Kiffin back in the playoffs in five months.
Can Lane Kiffin pass for 36? I say "yes." And by the way, I'm not really 53. I'm actually 58 and will turn 59 in four months. My hair is real and I have never had plastic surgery (that is clearly evident). Please keep this fact between the two of us, as once you pass fifty the age issue gets a bit touchy. The moral of this story? Whether he's 36 or 41, I wish Lane Kiffin all the best and thank him greatly, as he has given me pause to consider the following: When I turn 60 in sixteen months, I'll be changing my Twitter bio to state my age as 55. And you think I'm kidding.

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