Two-alarm house fire heavily damages west Birmingham homes

Two-alarm house fire heavily damages west Birmingham homes

Good morning!  We are covering several stories for you this morning.  Here are just a handful of headlines:

This morning, we're getting new information about a large house fire that spread to a second home. We're live on the scene with the very latest as fire investigators try to figure out what started the blaze.

Plus, a heartbreaking story out of Homewood.   A 10-year-old boy is shot and killed and a teenager is charged in his death. What the child's family members say happened.

A couple in Arizona is accused of abandoning their two-year-old son outside their home,  while they went out and played Pokemon Go!

Meanwhile, in the 7-9 a.m. hours, we get five money tips for college students in our Money Tuesday! 

Jeh Jeh checks out the latest Red Rock Tuesday developments - this time at Homewood Forest Preserve! 

One of our gardening experts used her garden for some experiments this year... she's going to show us what worked and what didn't so you can try it next year.

Reports that actors Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn surprised diners and the staff at Hamilton's in Auburn on Sunday night after attending a movie screening of their film "Hacksaw Ridge."

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