Good Day Alabama: July 28, 2016

Good Day Alabama: July 28, 2016

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama:

JEH JEH LIVE - If you're ready for music, and pageantry, then Mountain Brook High School is the place to be tonight! Drum Corps International returns to Birmingham with ten world-class drum and bugle corps from around the country competing for top honors. But while corps compete on the field it's the audience that wins with excitement and fun. A drum and bugle corps is the pinnacle of marching music, with high school and college-age performers from 15 to 21 practicing long hard hours to put shows on the field. The level of physical demand and musicianship is high, challenging corps members from around the world. While the world championships take place in Indianapolis in August, Birmingham is an important new stop on DCI's annual tour. Tickets are still available for tonight's event. You must purchase tickets now at the gate but you can visit for more information.

SALES TAX HOLIDAY - Janice talked with Melissa Warnke with the Alabama Retail Association about the sales tax holiday next weekend in Alabama. Alabama's 11th annual back-to-school sales tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday, August 5, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 7. The state's four-percent sales tax is waived throughout the state, while sales taxes levied by 293* cities and counties also are waived on clothing priced at $100 or less, school supplies valued at $50 or less, books that cost $30 or less, and computers and computer equipment with a selling price of $750 or less. For full details on items, visit Melissa also discussed #ShopAlabama campaign that just kicked off last week. She showed us that encourages people to shop with Alabama-based businesses when shopping for back-to-school.

LOTTERY PROPOSAL - Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced that he will call for a Special Session to discuss a lottery proposal.  Democratic State Representative Oliver Robinson and Republican State Senator Paul Bussman joined us to discuss the possibilities this morning. Sen. Paul Bussman says he is worried about a special session that has no consensus being productive because of the governor's push to open discussion on lottery referendum. He thinks it will only be a short-term fix. He thinks a proposal for a lottery without casino gaming has the best chance of passing the GOP-controlled State House. He says he hopes GOP members will vote for what is best for Alabama without regard to re-election. Rep. Oliver Robinson says this lottery will assist with future budgets. It is a great opportunity for Alabama to move into the 21st century with the governor beginning the discussion. He says the GOP will be challenged to find support among its members.

TIM ALEXANDER - Tim Alexander was a highly recruited high school football player, but before he could ever play a college game, he was injured and paralyzed in a car accident. In a wheelchair now for 10 years, Tim credits the UAB football program with saving his life. The Blazers made him an honorary member of the team several years ago so he was a part of team workouts, as well. Tim says he became stronger - physically and mentally because of it. Tim's goal is to walk again and just last week he stood for the first time in 10 years. Tim has been working with a therapist at Drayer Therapy in Trussville. Tim plans to lead the Blazers out of the tunnel when they return next year. His trainer is working with him to reach his goal!

OUR HOUSE - At this time of the year, people's garages are cluttered with summer sports items, goggles, sand toys, bikes and outdoor items. With the season change approaching and back-to-school looming near, those items need to return to their homes to make way for fall sports, tailgating chairs, and winter items close by. Real estate in the garage is at a premium, so use all of your space- even walls and even ceilings. If you're looking to start the organization process, here are some tips to follow:

1. Purge 
2. Consider the workflow when putting things in place 
3. Containerize and label

During the purging process, take everything out of the garage- if you can. If inclement weather prevents this, get everything to one side of the garage and work from that area out. Some rules to follow when purging:

1. If it's more than 5 years old and you haven't used it- throw it out. 
2. Try to donate things to your favorite charity. You can call to arrange pick-up at your home with some organizations. 
3. For things like paint, write down the color number and manufacturer and throw the can away, but remember disposal rules with paint and other hazardous materials. Stick this piece of paper in a plastic sleeve and hang it right next to the door with a pen on a rope. Use this paper for other things like model numbers of parts that need to be re-ordered frequently.

After you've purged and you're starting to bring things back inside the garage, consider the workflow of your space. For things you use more frequently, like kids' toys, shoes and jackets, stick those close to the door in a space where they can be easily accessed by you and the children- low to the ground with a clean area surrounding.

For your lawnmowers, leaf blowers, gardening equipment and other "dirty" items, put those opposite of the things you'll use daily. If you store extra refrigerators or freezers in the garage, it's worth it to consider moving electrical plugs to an area that's more accessible. When you're ready to containerize and label, there are ways to get the maximum use of your space and be able to easily access your bins. Consider a storage system that you can mount into the wall or ceiling. Products are available at big box stores but use caution when purchasing for garages. Systems for the garage need to be extra strong and heavy-duty. If you're unsure, it's best to call a professional and have them install a high-grade system for you.  Simple fixes like putting your gardening tools with long handles in a trash can will clear up a cluttered space and organize them all in one place. Remember to keep the "dirty" things away from the everyday items. Use bins for smaller items that you want to keep away from the dust, dirt and water that can enter a garage. Command hooks are also a great product to use. There are different sizes and options available that hold all kinds of weight. They're good to use in the garage because you can move them easily and they don't damage the wall. When organizing your containers, think of the stuff you use frequently but can't get rid of- like off-season clothing, sporting goods, baby clothes and store these items up high. Label the front of your boxes with Duct tape & magic marker.

Return to the paper in the plastic sleeve with the paint colors and make a legend of what's in each box. This way, you know which bin the snowshoes are in and you don't have to pull down each box. Consider color-coding as well. Each family member, season or holiday can have a different color bin. Use red/green for Christmas decorations, pink for your daughter, blue for your son, etc. If you don't want to purchase colored bins, use colored Duct tape. It will adhere to any surface and will come off easily with goo-gone.

GARDENING - Aldridge Gardens' Executive Director, Rip Weaver, along with Master Gardner, Peter Northcott, joined us with a look at what's coming up at Aldridge Gardens these days. Peter discussed the upcoming Cooking with Herbs Seminar. Rip discussed a two-week stretch in the fall that will contain three big events at the Gardens. If you've ever wanted to learn to cook with herbs, join Peter Northcott and Susan Green as they demonstrate how to use fresh and dried herbs to produce the most flavorful dishes. This seminar will be focusing on recipes for green goddess dressing, Italian seasonings, and soul food spices. Learn to use what could currently be in your pantry to make your dinners more exciting. This seminar will be interactive with lots of tasting…and you will even get the recipes! The class will meet in the main room of the Aldridge house. This class size is limited, so those that are interested should reserve their spot now by registering online at It is Thursday, August 25 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. During a span of about two weeks this fall, Aldridge Gardens will be hosting three big annual events. First, on the weekend of September 24th and 25th is the Art in the Gardens event featuring a juried art show of all local and in-state artists. Next in line will be "Whispers from the Past: A Native American Experience" on Sunday, October 2nd. This will be a great time to bring the family and enjoy a day discovering the culture and contributions of Native Alabamians. And finally, the Taste of Hoover event highlighting the many different restaurant and catering choices in Hoover will be on Thursday, October 6th. It's a great way to try a lot of different restaurants, types of food, and tastes all in one spot. For more details on all of these events and more, visit

PET OF THE WEEK - Kathi Wolf with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society introduced us to a pet today looking for a forever home! His name is Larry. For more information on today's pet or others up for adoption, call 205-942-1211 or visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we wrap up the Democratic National Convention! We celebrate National Chicken Wing Day with a tasty snack! Mike brings us some of his favorite viral videos of the week! We check out the latest business and entertainment headlines! And our friends from the Birmingham Zoo drop by for a visit! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!