Good Day Alabama: July 26, 2016

Good Day Alabama: July 26, 2016

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JEH JEH LIVE - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham is proud to present the fifth Annual "A Night of Big Stars" on Saturday, July 30. This event is a fundraiser to help BBBS continue to provide mentors to children facing adversity. The evening will include a seated dinner, a live production by the "Littles" in our program, a live auction, and a guest appearance by American Idol finalist, Jessica Meuse. BBBS has partnered with The Dance Foundation to co-direct a production showcasing BBBS's best talent. This year's Honorary Chairmen are Hatton Smith and UAB Football Coach, Bill Clark. Mike Royer will emcee. The production will consist completely of Little Brothers and Sisters in our program. The event will be held at Harbert Center. It begins with a cocktail reception at 6pm, dinner and show at 7 p.m., and auction and awards at 8 p.m. For more information or to buy your tickets, visit

JEFFCO SCHOOLS - Some big changes coming before students head back to Jefferson county schools. Dr. Craig Pouncey joined us to discuss those. A federal judge approved the reconfiguring of some elementary, middle and high school students. Brighton Middle School will change from K-through-8 to K-through-six. Pleasant Grove Middle is reassigning its 6th graders to Pleasant Grove Elementary and 7th and 8th graders to Pleasant Grove High School. Bagley will become a K-through-4 school and the Corner School will become 5-through-8. Lastly, the system will turn the vacated Pleasant Grove Middle School building into the Middle School IB Program. Letters are in the mail to parents now detailing the changes that go into effect this school year.

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us to explain his five keys to a successful retirement. There are approximately three hundred million people living in America of which eighty million are part of the Baby Boomer generation who will be retiring over the next fifteen years.  If you are one of these people, take a long hard look at how the last one-third of your life might play out.  Will it be one of the greatest times in your life or will it be filled with financial struggle and challenging health?  Are there things you can do now to begin to lay the groundwork for a great retirement future?  Here are his five keys to a successful retirement:

1. Focus on improving your health.  The steps needed to make positive changes to your health are simple and you can see noticeable changes quickly.  Most important to results is shifting your nutrition habits towards healthy eating.

2. Choose when to begin Social Security.   For most people, Social Security retirement benefits will make a significant portion of their retirement income.  Choosing the best strategy can be complicated, especially for couples.  For most Baby Boomers, full retirement age is age 66 or age 67.  The earliest you can begin drawing is age 62 and the longest you can delay taking benefits is age 70.  If you begin benefits early, those benefits are discounted forever.  If you delay, your benefits are increased forever. If your health is excellent, consider postponing benefits as long as possible. For a nifty Social Security calculator visit

3. Know how much money you'll need.  Go to to get an estimate of your Social Security benefit based on when you plan to retire and add this to any monthly pensions for which you will qualify.  Finally, based on what you're currently investing in your 401k and personal investment programs, guestimate the total investments you'll have accumulated at your retirement date.  Multiply this total by .04 to determine the inflation-adjusted annual income it should produce during retirement.  This total, when added to annual Social Security and pension benefits equals your retirement income.  If, as in most cases, it's not enough to support your desired retirement lifestyle, develop a plan now to reduce the gap.  That could include saving more, reducing expenses or planning to work longer at least part time.

4. Develop your investment strategy.  If you are relying, at least in part, on your investments for retirement income, you'll need to consider investing a portion in stocks for long-term growth.

5. Plan for the unexpected.  Be sure you have a plan for long-term healthcare by either purchasing insurance or setting aside appropriate financial resources.  You'll also need a durable power of attorney designating someone to take care of financial matters should you become incompetent.  And finally, you'll want an advanced healthcare directive appointing someone to make healthcare decisions for you if you're unable and outline the level of care you desire.
For more information, visit

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined with a look at a new study suggests a link between increasing fruits & vegetables and higher life-satisfaction points. A lower risk of heart disease or some types of cancer 20 years from now may not motivate you to eat more fruits and vegetables. Sure, improved health and a lower chance of getting a chronic disease should inspire us to eat healthy. But for most of us, they don't. But what if eating more fruits and vegetables actually made you feel happier? Now, before you get too excited, Beth says the study cannot show cause and effect. But, it does suggest that eating more fruits and vegetables could improve your life satisfaction. Researchers in Australia analyzed the food records of over 12,000 adults in 2007, 2009, and 2013. They also measured their life satisfaction during those same years. People who increased their servings of fruits and vegetables from zero to eight a day reported higher life satisfaction scores. The increase in their scores was equal to how you would feel if you found a new job. People who did not eat more fruits and vegetables reported a decrease in life satisfaction. The researchers controlled for the participants' income levels and personal circumstances. So will eating more fruits and vegetables make you happier?

• This study cannot show that eating more fruits and vegetables actually makes you happier. 
• It does show that there could be some sort of link between the two. But remember, the people who increased happiness ate a lot more fruits and vegetables. It was a huge increase. 
• There could have been other things in their lives that explained their increased happiness. 
But don't let that stop you from eating more fruits and vegetables. It could be that as we start to take better care of ourselves, we improve our outlook on life! We definitely need more data on this topic. But don't let that stop you from pursuing happiness and health through better eating! 
Find more on this study from the American Journal of Public Health: August 2016, Vol. 106, No. 8, pp. 1504-1510.

DIY DINNER PARTY - Behind on a remodel or DIY project? Trace Barnett - the Bitter Socialite - explained how you can lure your closest friends and family into helping you by hosting a DIY dinner party. They won't even know they are being put to work. Gathering groups around a central theme project is a great way to break the ice and create a lighthearted, engaging atmosphere. Consider pairing your guests for a larger crowd or to introduce new friends to each other. Have a variety of projects on hand and allow guests to choose their "project" by drawing at random as they arrive. Keep the projects of choice simple and time sensitive. Everyone loves a little friendly competition. So have various awards to pass around like "best in show", "most creative", or "DIYer of the night."

Choose a table setting that's functional and durable enough to withstand a heavy craft session. Linen painter's drop-cloth are a great option and are easily washed. Consider buying drop clothes that have a plastic backer for extra protection. Vinyl tablecloths in a white are also water and stain resistant to keep your table extra protected. So spills or drips of glue are not a problem. Stick with lighter colors so that tools and materials are easy to identify and keep track of. Butcher paper table runners and placemats add a nice contrast and if needed make great workstations when the dishes are cleared away. Create a centerpiece of hardware and evergreen foliage. Jars filled with household hardware such as screws, bolts, nails, and paintbrushes are great just scattered around the table and are easily accessible as needed. Make custom work-kits to place by each guest's place setting that's unique to their project. Placecards with projects in lieu of names guide each guest to their seat.

A full table setting is a bit too formal for such an informal occasion. Set up a buffet style station of heavy appetizers and finger foods. Make large batch cocktails beforehand and have a specialty drink of the night such as a watermelon margarita. Stock wet bar staples and let your guests help themselves. Heavy, industrial wire baskets are perfect for holding dishes, utensils, and napery. Jelly jars with handles are easily grabbed and carried to and from the various stations. Galvanized waterers and buckets make excellent beer coolers and keep within the industrial theme. Use chalk paint to transform butcher paper into nameplates for each dish. Add the recipe for guests to note and prepare at home. Funny aprons are also a humorous way to add a little laughter and conversation starters. Simple dishes showcase food and ooze simplicity. Heavy duty ironstone or plasticware are easy to clean up and heavy duty enough to transport. For more ideas, visit

ASK THE ANGLER - Reed Montgomery answered viewer questions about fishing. You can contact him with your questions at 205-663-1504 or on his website - there you can find lake reports, fishing tips, upcoming events, and more.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, Jeh Jeh hits the water to show us some safe ways to stay cool and enjoy the outdoors this summer! Birmingham native turned NBA player, DeMarre Carroll joins us in the studio with the scoop on how your kids can learn some skills from him! Our veterinarian joins us to take your questions about your pets! And we take you to the Birmingham Zoo to meet a tiger! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!