Good Day Alabama: July 18, 2016

Good Day Alabama: July 18, 2016

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JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us from Lakeshore Foundation with help from Carol Kutik on Exercise Monday to learn some new moves and techniques. For more information, call 205-313-7400.

ASK THE GARDENER - Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Sallie Lee took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can reach her at the Extension office with your questions at 205-879-6964 ext 11.

INNOVATION DEPOT - We've heard about Innovation Depot and how it helps start-up companies in Birmingham. Now it's helping train people for the job force locally with a new educational program - Depot/U. The programming focuses on teaching aspiring programmers how to code in a radical new format that challenges the traditional way of learning. The program is an accelerated intensive course that lasts 10 weeks. Students complete our course and go on to become website developers and software developers. The program just finished the first year of courses and had tremendous success. Some of the companies that hired graduates include BBVA Compass, UPS, Bank of America, Zeekee Interactive, Cayenne Creative, Lewis Communications, Everis, and more. Graduates experienced an average salary increase of 43%. The program is expanding course offerings to accommodate a wider variety of people including a night class for working professionals. For more information, visit

GYM BAG & SNACK MAKEOVER - "What does a top dietitian keep inside her gym bag?" Dr. Felicia Stoler is a registered dietitian, author, and former host of TLC's "Honey, We're Killing the Kids." Felicia knows that sticking with a fitness program isn't always the easiest.. she wants to help us get back on track! Felicia offers a quick peek inside her gym bag, with her top must-have items and then tips as well for a post-workout healthy snack or meal. 
Working out and going to the gym has become a typical occurrence for those of us who are committed to staying healthy within our daily lives. By now, you might already have a situated bag of items you pack daily or a routine when it comes to pre and post-workout snacking. She recommends you use degreasing/makeup remover pads to remove the oil, debris and any makeup you might be wearing from your skin before and after you work out. When your pores open due to the heat of exercise and perspiration, you can cut the likelihood of a post-workout breakout by including a quick wipe down. Have a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated before, throughout, and after the workout.

Energy or sports drinks like Gatorade and caffeinated beverages like coffee and cola can deplete total body water typically due to their higher amount of sugar and will generally make you thirstier.  Working out outdoors especially in warm, humid, or windy climates can be further dehydrating and water intake should be increased for the day post-workout.  Choose an environmentally friendly water bottle that can be re-used and is BPA-free. The amount of water you should drink before and during your workout varies for each individual depending upon your weight, the type of workout you're doing, and your climate.  The best bet is to start by drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water about 15 minutes before your workout.  During your workout, drink another 8 ounces for each 15 minutes to half hour you are active.  Always drink water after your workout; when you sweat your body loses sodium and potassium so it's important to replace those nutrients and rehydrate. She recommends you keep Vitamin C on hand. Everyone knows that gyms can be germy places; Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and has a wide array of positive functions in our bodies.  It's a great option for post-workout because of its ability to help keep the immune system intact and the germs at bay so we're not catching the cough of the person running next to us.  It's recommended that active people can take anywhere from 500 mg to as much as 3,000 mg a day, depending on the person's daily activity level.

Lots of research shows that outdoor exercise may be better for your brain but –without protection- it may not be better for your skin.  Apply sunscreen one hour before sun exposure, and reapply after you've worked out and showered. Avoid sunscreens that contain potentially carcinogenic chemicals such as benzone derivatives. The SPF rating does not indicate UVA protection factor so read labels carefully. Choose clean protein powders made from whey or plant protein that are free of added sugars or non-organic sweeteners, salts and amino acid fillers, and artificial flavors and colors.  A top-quality protein powder should deliver about the same amount of protein as a can of tuna or a chicken breast - i.e. 30 to 40 g per serving. Whey protein is most extensively researched protein in conjunction with building muscle. If you choose whey protein, they most extensively researched protein in conjunction with building muscle, look for whey sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, and antibiotic, steroid-free happy dairy cows - A.K.A a "Clean protein source".  Protein powders that are sourced from proteins like peas, chia seed, hemp, quinoa or organic sprouted whole grain brown rice protein are great options for vegans.  It's important to make sure the protein powder contains NSF certified ingredients and it's an added bonus if it comes with environmentally responsible packaging for both plastic and paper bottle use.  Protein powders should be mixed with as few additional calories as possible i.e. blend with coconut water or almond milk, and a small scoop of your chosen fruit. When it comes to eating before you exercise, she says it depends on the type of exercise.  A brisk walk or light jog on an empty stomach is fine; just make it a goal to drink the recommended glass of water beforehand.  If the exercise is going to be more intense, eat some easy-to-digest carbs like a slice of toast, half a plain bagel, or a banana to help provide fuel.  Protein powders have benefits both pre- and post-workout, but if you must choose, then go for after working out.  Before a workout, your initial focus should be on carbohydrates because they digest much quicker than protein and fat and are your body's preferred source of energy.  However, if you'd like to add protein to your pre-workout carbs it can help lead to greater strength, help manage blood sugar levels, and can help increase the lead to favorable changes in body composition compared to just eating carbs solo. The most crucial time to consume protein is after your workout; typically sometime during the 3 hours after your workout is finished is essentially considered your muscle making the window of opportunity.

Protein is optimal for development, growth, and recovery because during this time is basically when your muscles are starving for that intake of protein; it's also the time they will make the most use of the protein.  Although the 3-hour window leaves time, it's a good idea to consider consuming a fast acting protein such as whey or plant protein powder within a smoothie or shake form very soon after the completed workout, such as 15 to 30 minutes.  Great workout snacks and meals will contain not only the extra protein that you desire but will also provide extra benefits for your health.  It's important to look for good-for-you saturated fats that are naturally trans-fat free, cholesterol neutral, and contain rich protective benefits for your health that can be used easily in your post-workout meal. To get the best of both worlds, a trick that I love is to make my snacks with or choose snacks pre-made with Malaysian Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.  Malaysian red palm fruit oil is rich in tocotrienols, full of healthy good-for-you saturated fat, non-GMO, and is always sourced sustainably when it comes from Malaysia.  She loves Luna protein bars post-workout because they are full of good whey protein and are also made with red palm fruit oil.  She makes homemade peanut butter protein balls using Smart Balance peanut butter because it's made with red palm fruit oil and flaxseed oil and mixes in some organic raw honey, protein powder, and then top it with maple quinoa granola. It's an easy snack to make and freeze or refrigerate for later depending on how often and soon you plan to eat it.  Her other go-to option is to make home-popped popcorn with the oil as a yummy and filling snack that's great for anytime, not just post-workout.  The oil is also great for dinner time to use when grilling chicken or turkey burgers because it has a high smoke point; it can even be used as a substitute for olive oil for salad dressing for that pre-dinner salad.  And of course, one of the most fun-to-experiment post-workout snack options is to make a protein shake or smoothie utilizing whey or plant protein powder and then including in delicious options like coconut milk and fruit like a whole banana- you could even throw in a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we look at financial pointers for investing during the chaos of the world today! We get the school on a fun event - A Night of Big Stars! Been to a Barons' game lately? We check out the concession stands and all the great options you can find at the ballpark! And we show you what's new in entertainment this week - movies, music, and more! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!