You might be a Southerner: Fixin' to

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you are "fixin' to do" anything, you might be a Southerner.

This is the kind of fix that doesn't require a hammer, or glue, or a second trip to the beauty parlor. For this kind of fixin' you don't even need the "g" because you're "fixin' to do it". Do what? Well, you know, fixin' to go to the movies or fixin' to visit Aunt Beulah or you might be wondering what those politicians are fixin' to do next. You might even be fixin' to fix dinner.  Fixin' is a state of mind preparing oneself to prepare to do something. Fixin' happens just before the starting line. I'm fixin' to run a mile as soon as I finish this moonpie.

What are you fixin' to do?

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