Hueytown police, community promoting unity at town hall meeting

Hueytown police, community promoting unity at town hall meeting

HUEYTOWN, AL (WBRC) - In light of recent events that have happened nationally, police involved shootings and officers being shot, the city of Hueytown came together Monday to have an open dialogue in hopes of promoting unity.

"We already have a very good relationship [police and community] but I felt the need that we would allow our chief of police to address the community.  And that in the end we will stand together as a community unified together," said city councilor Fran Zinnerman, who organized the meeting.

Police Chief Chuck Hagler encouraged the crowd to talk about concerns they had, giving them a wide latitude. One woman recounted one bad experience she had with officers.

"Six officers came to my house one day and stormed my door. Because my new truck, which was an Explorer, was one that was [allegedly] seen in Brighton somewhere [involved in illegal activity]. And they didn't check me out. They didn't come calmly to my door. They stormed my door," she told Hagler and the crowd.

Hagler and community members hope that giving both sides a chance to talk it will bridge any gap that exists. He wanted to stress that his department is not the enemy.

"In any profession there are going to be bad apples. There are going to be issues. People that do things that are out of line. And I just hate to see everybody get painted with the same brush, when 99.9 percent of officers are out here trying to do a good job and actually help these communities," said Hagler.

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