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Records: More than 400K gallons of waste water overflowed in Northport

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More than 400,000 gallons of waste water overflowed last weekend in the City of Northport, according to public records.

The overflow came from four pumping stations along 5th Street at Wallace Boulevard and Kentuck Park, Airport Road and near Smithfield Gardens.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the city said the overflow did not affect drinking water, but it advised people to stay away from waste material, soil or water affected.

Riverkeepers in the area said the city should have done more to warn people.

"There should have been signage posted to every public access point to the river that would have potentially come in contact with the sewage. Boaters putting in here going downstream to fish should have been made aware that there was a sewage spill going on down there," John Wathen said.

Northport's Water and Wastewater manager, Jimmy McKinney, said his crews are well trained and that responding to the overflow was complicated by the holiday weekend and the age of the pipes.

"My crews are very well trained. They were doing their absolute best. It was just kind of a perfect storm of problems that we kept getting into. No. 1, being a holiday weekend. No. 2, being an odd sized pipe and then just trying to find the different parts and pieces," said James McKinney, Northport's Water and Wastewater manager.

"Normally we would have been able to go down there close one single valve, shut off the air relief valve, replace it and everything would have been fine. But the corrosion developed over the 22 years of service was just worse that what we were expecting," he continued

You can look at the official records of the sewage overflow here:

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