ALEA active shooter instructor says Orlando shooting was 'nightmare scenario'

ALEA active shooter instructor says Orlando shooting was 'nightmare scenario'

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - One ocal law enforcement is calling the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando a nightmare that could happen just about anywhere.

Lt. Brad Flynn is with the Helena Police Department and also an active shooter instructor with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency or ALEA. He says it was a nightmare scenario for the people in that nightclub and law enforcement.

He says many of those victims never had a chance.

That's because Lt. Flynn says it was a small space with hundreds of people but there weren't many ways to escape the building. He says he was horrified when he learned about the shooting and what all those people and law enforcement had to deal with.Lt. Flynn says this is a time for people to realize terror attacks, like this, can happen anywhere, anytime.

He says this is why people need to maintain situational awareness no matter where you are. That means be aware of your surroundings and know the quickest exits.

"Where are the fire exits?" said Lt. Flynn. "Where are other avenues of egress? Where could you possibly get away from the shooter? An active shooter is driven by sight and sound. If you can get away from him and not make any noise you stand a lot of better chance of surviving that incident."
Lt. Flynn says 1,500 officers in the Birmingham area are trained in active shooter response.

So, locally he says law enforcement is ready if something like that happened.

He also says officers will soon be trained in tactical medical skills to be able to help those who are injured after a mass shooting.

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