WBRC First Alert technology made in Alabama

WBRC First Alert technology made in Alabama

Alabama gets some of the worst weather in the world. That is why it is important to have the best severe weather system.

The First Alert Weather Team uses VIPIR to detect and track severe weather.

VIPIR is a fancy word for Volumetric Imaging and Processing of Integrated Radar. It is the most advanced severe weather tracking system in the world and it is developed right here in Alabama.

The technology has its roots with former NASA scientists and engineers as well as broadcast meteorologists in Huntsville, AL.

VIPIR analyzes and processes radar weather data faster and produces an accurate picture of where the storm is now and where it is going. The patented data processing means earlier alerts. In some cases we have been able to alert communities up to 30 minutes prior to an official warning being issued. VIPIR even color codes the parts of the storm where the winds are the highest, the hail is largest, and the rain is the heaviest. This makes our severe weather coverage easier to understand.

Besides being able to track severe weather right down to your neighborhood and street, VIPIR can predict whether the storm will strengthen or weaken. The system also allows us to quickly determine if a tornado is reaching the ground through the use of dual-pol radar data.

VIPIR is just one of the many tools we count on to make sure you get the most accurate WBRC First Alert.

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