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Bike Safety: Lighting

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

If you ride your bike at night, it's easy to assume that if you can see a car, they can see you.

But UAB Police Captain John B. Fields reminds us that drivers may be battling a number of issues.

"You have a lot of drivers that you don't think about that have eye disease, you have DUIs, you have the elderly, you can have fog," Fields said.

That, he says, is why having a good lighting system is so important to riders. 

"Brightly colored clothing, reflective clothing, along with the lights at night helps create a good signature," Fields said.

Alabama law says you need a headlight mounted on your bike that lets you see 500 feet - roughly a city block ahead of you - and a reflector on the back that can be seen 100 feet behind you.

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