Road reconstruction project in works for Tuscaloosa tornado recovery zone

Damage to 30th Ave. East, one of the streets in phase one of the reconstruction project. (WBRC Video)
Damage to 30th Ave. East, one of the streets in phase one of the reconstruction project. (WBRC Video)

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Pending final approval by the full Tuscaloosa City Council, an approximately $6 million dollar road reconstruction project is set to begin in June,
across Tuscaloosa's tornado recovery zone.

According to City of Tuscaloosa Chief Resilience Officer Robin Edgeworth, the project is federally funded, and because of that, streets must qualify for total reconstruction, instead of just repairs or maintenance. Edgeworth says the City did a detailed study to determine which roads in the recovery area met the criteria.

"Curb and gutter, the street itself being taken all the way up and put back down, with all of the layers of asphalt and the work that goes along with that," Edgeworth said of what the reconstruction process will involve for these streets.

Phase one, which Edgeworth expects to begin in June, involves 23 streets throughout the city and will cost approximately $3 million. Edgeworth says a second phase of the project will follow.

Edgeworth says the City also has Alabama Department of Transportation funds to resurface other roads that did not qualify for the reconstruction project. "Certainly, we want to try to address as many streets as we can with the dollars that we have," Edgeworth said.

Edgeworth says many of the streets in the reconstruction project received their damage from heavy equipment and recovery work, not necessarily from the April 27, 2011 tornado. She says the City wanted to wait until much of that recovery work was done, before beginning this project.

The project has already received approval from a Tuscaloosa City Council committee.

Streets included in Phase One of the Reconstruction Project:

10th Avenue Recovery Area
Exchange Avenue, from 35th Street to North End
29th Street, from West Dead End to Greensboro Ave.
28th Place, from Greensboro Avenue to 11th Avenue
Hackberry Circle, From South cul-de-sac to Hargrove Rd.
27th Street, from 10th Ave to Harrison St.
11th Avenue, from 31st St. to 29th St.
The Downs, on South Side of Hargrove Rd.
9th Avenue, from 27th St. to 29th St.
23rd Street, from Harrison Street to Prince Avenue
25th Street, From West Dead End to 25th Place
Hackberry Lane, from 27th Street to 25th Place
8th Avenue, from Hargrove Rd to 17th Street

Forest Lake Recovery Area 
Forest Lake Drive, from Hargrove Rd. to Fernwood St.
5th Avenue East, from 17th St. East to 15th St.
16th St. East, from Forest Lake Dr. to 5th Ave. East
10th Street East, from 16th Ave. East to 17th Ave. East

Alberta Recovery Area
Valley Hills Drive, From West Dead End to Crescent Ridge Rd.
30th Ave. East, from 3rd Place East to 1st St. East
31st Ave. East, from 4th St. East to North End
34th Ave. East, from Forest Dr. to Chastain Manor
3rd St. East, from 24th Ave. East to 25th Ave. East
1st St. East, from 25th Ave. East to 30th Ave. East
Crescent Ridge Rd., from University Blvd. to City Limits

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