Christian and Christopher

Christian and Christopher

Christian & Christopher were born in January of 2005. Christian is an energetic child who is considerate of others. He does not like to sit still. He really enjoys playing outside. His favorite sport is football and he wants to be a football player when he grows up. He enjoys all sports and has an aptitude for them. He loves to swim and is a good swimmer. He also enjoys board and card games and can easily be engaged in those activities. He does struggle with school at times and needs encouragement to work hard. He is good at both math and science. He is very interested in aquatic animals. He enjoys reading books about fish and oceans. He does have issues with controlling his anger and is aware and sorry when he has an angry outburst. He is currently working on this. He needs and deserves a family who can help him learn to live in a family setting.

Christopher was born in January 2005. He is very sweet, outgoing, and likeable. He is intellectually limited and in some area he functions like a 5 or 6 year old. He is friendly and outgoing. He makes friends very easily because enjoys socializing and receiving positive attention from adults and children in his environment. He enjoys skating, basketball, and other sports. He has also expressed interest in dance. He enjoys watching movies & TV and playing simple card games and board games. He has allergies & asthma, both of which are easily controlled with medication. He enjoys school and receives Special Education services. He would do best in a patient home who is aware of his needs. He does get frustrated and needs redirection during these outbursts. He is a kind, friendly child who will be an asset to any family.

These brothers long to be placed together.


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