Former corrections officer opposes Gov. Bentley's prison bill

Former corrections officer opposes Gov. Bentley's prison bill

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We're following a couple of big breaking news stories tonight—first the condition of a Huffman High School student who was grazed in the hand by a bullet today when a man pulled up in the school parking lot, jumped out of his car, and started shooting. We broke this story and continue our coverage tonight starting with WBRC Fox6 News at 9 where Jamiese Price is talking to a mom and grandma who rushed to the school with a panicked all of us parents can relate to, and Jamiese will have the latest on what we know about how that student is doing and how Huffman plans to get back to normal tomorrow.

Plus we're monitoring the returns from Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri tonight where Marco Rubio's already dropped out of the race after Donald Trump won big in Rubio's home state of Florida, and we're waiting to see if John Kasich can hold his home state of Ohio and stay in the race.

And after Governor Bentley toured Holman Correctional Facility (the site of two riots in the last week), he pushed his plan to build four new super-prisons for about $800 million. New on WBRC Fox6 News at 10 we've got an exclusive with a former prison guard who says he doesn't think the Governor's plan will address some of the system's biggest flaws.

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