Is Fairfield not paying their employees?

Is Fairfield not paying their employees?

Good evening from the desk of Jonathan Hardison!

The last thing you need to be doing if your business is in financial trouble is pay people who no longer work for you. But that's what Fairfield's city government is apparently doing and tonight that's one of the issues their council is trying to figure out  in an emergency meeting and our Vanessa Araiza (@Araizareport) is staked out inside to tell us what they decide new on WBRC Fox6 News at 9.

He's been on the job for about four hours, but Winston County's new sheriff is talking to us tonight about the challenge he faces in leading that department in turmoil and how he's so sure he'll be able to protect the citizens of Winston County in the middle of this transition.

Plus J-P Dice is tracking these bands of heavy rain moving through. The good news? We're not looking at solid rain for several days, but enough intermittent showers to just annoy you at least, we'll try and time it out for you tonight after Idol!

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