Good Day Alabama: March 2, 2016

Good Day Alabama: March 2, 2016

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama:

JEH JEH LIVE - Competitive soccer players from more than 10 states will come to Birmingham the first two weekends in March to play in the Red Diamond Classic, and they'll bring some 20,000 friends, family and fans with them. The Red Diamond Classic will host more than 300 top-level teams, including elite local teams from Mountain Brook, Hoover, Vestavia Hills and Homewood. The competition, organized by Birmingham United Soccer Association, draws select players ages 9 to 15. The boys' tournament is March 5-6; girls compete March 12-13. Besides being one of the more prestigious and competitive tournaments in the nation, the Red Diamond Classic also is a huge win for Alabama and the local economy. During the past 18 years, this destination tournament has brought over $88 million to the Birmingham area.  Location plays a big part in the popularity of the Red Diamond Classic. Players compete on more than a dozen fields throughout the greater Birmingham area, and these "spring-green" Bermuda-grass pitches are another incentive to come here. Admission is free throughout the tournament.  To see the full tournament schedule and the list of participating teams, please visit

ZOO CREW - Mickey visited with Anna Turkett from the Birmingham Zoo to learn more about the Cassowary. For more information, visit

SUPER TUESDAY WRAP - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton didn't win their parties nominations last night, but they distanced themselves considerably against their competitors. Democratic strategist Richard Dickerson and former state GOP chair Marty Connors joined us this morning with analysis and perspective. Dickerson says it was a great night for Clinton and that winning Massachusetts was big. If Hillary wins Florida on March 15th, Dickerson thinks the chorus will get loud for Bernie to exit the race. He says Trump had an equally good night. Christie's support of Trump does not seem to have made a difference other than giving credibility to the establishment. Dickerson says Rubio must win Florida and Kasich has to win Ohio and Michigan. Connors says Clinton was a lock from the beginning as per super delegates and black voters. And he thinks Trump can beat Hillary because of the emergence of the old Reagan coalition/blue collar. Connors says Rubio better win Florida and Kasich must win Ohio. But even with those wins, the path is Trump's.

JERRY BROWN ARTS FESTIVAL - Missy Miles and Catherine Brown joined us with a sneak-peak at the Jerry Brown Arts Festival! The 14th Annual Jerry Brown Arts Festival is Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in Hamilton. It is at the Tombigbee Electric Cooperative - I-22 at Exit 14 "Underneath the Water Tower." Admission is free but bring money because there will be lots of great artwork to purchase! For more information, visit

GARDENING - Jon Culver with Sweet Peas Garden Center joins us to discuss plants that need very little water or care. He shows us many varieties of succulents such as sedums, echeverias, and sempervivums. He also shows us early spring blooming plants that can handle a frost such as a nemesis, Bacopa, Geraniums and alyssum to name a few. He also shows us some unique ways to display these plants by combining them together in fun and interesting containers. For more information or gardening advice from Jon Culver, visit Sweet Peas Garden Shop at 2829 Linden Ave, Homewood. The phone number is 205-879-3839. Or you can email him at

ASK THE DOCTOR - Dr. Anne-Laura Cook is Medical Director of BeWell Program at Baptist Health System & Internal Medicine Physician. Dr. Cook has a passion for improving the delivery of healthcare on a broad scale and has developed a new model of primary care that will help people maintain or improve their health. The basis of her plan is to provide timely health advice and high-quality medical services in innovative and efficient ways, which is at the core of Be Well. She joined us to take viewer questions about their own health issues and to discuss the Be Well program which is an innovative, physician-led program focused on creating better health outcomes, increasing cost efficiency, and improving a workforce's overall well-being. There are three primary delivery methods for the program:
• Be Well On-Site – Utilizing a care team appropriate for your workforce, Be Well On Site clinics support a more comprehensive approach to employee health by addressing the primary care needs for the employee on a consistent basis. It can include: Physicals, Standard immunizations, Routine acute care visits, such as sinus infections, fevers, colds; Chronic disease management: glucose and BP checks, etc.
• Be Well Mobile – Be Well Mobile drives a primary care office to your employees, with a regular schedule established for each location. The clinic will meet urgent care needs, but is primarily designed for preventive health/annual visits and routine follow-up of chronic conditions.
• Be Well On Call – Using the latest telehealth technology, Be Well On Call gives your workforce expanded access to care. Be Well On Call is a web-based video chat/telemedicine service, accessible via any device with Internet access, a web browser, and a camera. In addition to visits with doctors and nurse practitioners, individuals may also use this resource to have visits with dietitians, diabetes educators, pharmacists, and others with special skill sets within our organization. We will work with you to ensure that your health plan provides coverage for the services that your workforce needs most.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, the Love Doctor joins us with advice on your friendships and how to address when you have issues there just like in your dating/marriage relationships! The Bargainomics Lady joins us with some great deals to save you money! New and expecting parents, we get the scoop on the upcoming Babypalooza in West Alabama and what all you can learn there. Plus we introduce you to our Pet of the Week and so much more tomorrow on Good Day!