Tips for taking the "Krispy Kreme Challenge"

Challengers Jenn Chapman and Max Karrh practice for the Krispy Kreme Challenge. (WBRC Video)
Challengers Jenn Chapman and Max Karrh practice for the Krispy Kreme Challenge. (WBRC Video)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Many people have run two miles before, but what about running two miles…with a doughnut eating competition half way through the race?

That's the premise of the 4th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, set for Saturday, Feb. 27, at Government Plaza in Downtown Tuscaloosa. The run begins at 10 a.m. and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama. Although many runners will take the challenge, you can still participate in the run without eating the doughnuts.

WBRC caught up with some previous "challengers" for some tips:

"The way I did it last year is a smashed a bunch together at a time and try to get through them like that," Jenn Champman, a 2015 Challenge winner, said.

"I also went for a long run prior to the race last year, so I had done nine miles beforehand, so I was kind of hungry and ready to go."

"The biggest thing is to not go too hard in the first mile, because if you come in out of breath, you won't be able to get the food down," she added. "And actually, if you're a competitive runner, eating is the hardest part."

Former competitor Max Karrh said for him, it's really just something he can't pass up.

"What I tell people is your teenage self would 'double dog dare' you to do this, so you got to do this," Karrh said. "Tuscaloosa, you got to come out and do this."

For Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama, the Krispy Kreme Challenge provides funds to further their mission.

"We have about 42 children right now on our waiting list, some actually even have mentors waiting for them, but the agency doesn't have the resources to match them," Danielle McInerney, CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama, said.

"And so, we're trying to raise the money so we can get them off the waiting list."

Evan Smith of Krispy Kreme Tuscaloosa said his business is glad to be part of the event and support the cause. He says his business will make 500 to 600 dozen doughnuts to feed the challengers.

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs children ("Littles") with screened volunteer mentors ("Bigs"), to provide one-to-one mentoring to enrich children's lives

Find more information at

A limited number of spots will be available on race day.

For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, contact Danielle McInerney at (205) 758-5734.

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