Students are using apps and tech tools for homework help

Students are using apps and tech tools for homework help

(NPN) - While many parents are often concerned about technology interfering with their child's homework, there are some tech tools that might actually be helpful.

Beyond your basic tutorial sites, some websites and apps give even more immediate help.

However, some educators and even students warn that there are certain potential drawbacks to keep in mind.

School is over and homework time is just beginning for 15-year-old Lauryn Grubbs, but instead of pulling out traditional paper and pens to get started, she turns to websites and apps.

"I rely on them heavily actually because if I need help that's pretty much the thing I go to," Grubbs said.

Lauryn isn't alone, experts say most students don't go to the library and do hand searches anymore.

"The touch of a button can bring us knowledge from anywhere in the world and that's pretty amazing," Dr. Harris Cooper, Duke University, said.

There are several tech tools available for homework help.

Among the most popular, Grammarly, which finds and corrects grammatical mistakes. EasyBib, which creates bibliographies and Sparknotes, where students find quick study guides for literature. Experts say these tools relieve a lot of pressure.

"Homework demands are going way up and so many kids may be feeling stressed by all the homework they have," Devorah Heitner, founder of, said.

But can stress tempt kids to have the sites do their work? Some sites and apps do actually provide complete answers, which isn't always good for learning.

"They're depriving themselves of the opportunity for interaction and learning If they use an app to get it right, and they never learned what they needed to learn to understand that process," Heitner said.

What can parents do to make the most of their kids' homework tech-tools?

Educators say monitor your child's homework to make sure they're focused and not cheating.

Brush up on necessary subjects so you can be more helpful, and ask your child's teacher to recommend the most appropriate sites.

As for Lauryn, she is thankful for technology and her mom's help in making homework time manageable.

"We can just go hangout, extra stuff like we wouldn't be able to do without it, so just free time and relax," Grubbs said.

By the way, for parents who'd like to brush up on certain subjects to help their children with homework, there are a number of websites for that too.

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