NEW INFORMATION: Disciplinary action facing officers in TPD arrest video

(Source: Twitter)
(Source: Twitter)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Following Tuesday's statement by the Tuscaloosa Police Department on disciplinary actions facing officers in a viral video, WBRC has learned more from TPD on which officers received which consequences.

TPD put three officers on administrative leave, shortly after the Nov.8 incident.

According to a TPD spokesperson, Philip Champion is the officer seen using a taser in the video, and Gregory Pimm is the officer seen using a baton. TPD confirms both Champion and Pimm are back on the job. TPD says they received no discipline, but were required to receive remedial training in the use of force, decision making and de-escalation techniques

TPD confirms James Kent was the first officer to respond to the loud noise complaint. Kent is still on paid leave, with other disciplinary actions pending.

TPD also identifies a fourth officer, Justin Sams, as the officer heard using profanity in the video. The department says Sams received a written reprimand and remedial training on communication.

The incident was captured by cell phone cameras, posted online and generated widespread controversy. The video shows a confrontation between University of Alabama students and police. Officers dragged students out of the 12th Avenue apartment, then police utilized a taser and baton.

TPD later released police body camera video of the incident.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson did not comment on the disciplinary action.

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