Good Day Alabama: Feb. 9, 2016

Good Day Alabama: Feb. 9, 2016

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MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch with the Welch Group joined us to explain Contingent Beneficiaries. That is who you name as your 'second choice' if your first choice -primary beneficiary- predeceases you. And Stewart says it does matter! For example with our life insurance, if you name your wife as primary but leave contingent blank and your wife predeceases you, the insurance proceeds go based on your will and are subject to the claims of creditors. If you don't have a will, proceeds go according to state law/interstate and can be a big problem! If you have a 401K and the same situation, your children lose the ability to take mandatory distributions over their life expectancy and instead must take the money out over five years and pay more taxes faster. Stewart reminds us to review everything you have that has a beneficiary designation…and make certain it is the way you want it.  Consider using the assistance of your professional advisor. SAVE the DATE for the Alabama Money Expo on March 5th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Carver High School.  The event is free and provides education sessions on investing, retirement, college grants, buying a car, 1 on 1 financial consultations, and much more!  Visit

BETH K -UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined us to answer if you can lose weight and increase muscle at the same time. She says maybe – but it's not going to be easy! A studied published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at how a low cal, high protein diet with intense exercise increases muscle in young overweight/obese men. Most everyone knows that the big goal when you're trying to lose weight, is to lose as much of that weight as possible as fat – not muscle. Muscle is a calorie burner – fat, not so much. So when you lose weight, you want as much muscle as possible to keep your metabolism revved up. But, when you go on a diet, roughly 20-30% of that weight lost is muscle. Some research suggests that when you get a higher percentage of your calories as protein during weight loss, you might not lose as much muscle when you lose weight. But some researchers decided to test this idea: can people on a really high protein but low-calorie diet combined with really intense exercise actually gain muscle with weight loss. The short answer is yes – but it's not going to be easy. And, since this study was done in young men, it may only work in young men. It was also a small study – only 20 men in each of the study groups – so the results need to be tested in more people. But still, it's pretty interesting . . . The researchers randomized 40 young overweight/obese men to one of two groups. They were given the food so it was a well-controlled study. Each group cut their calories by 40 percent with half of the calories coming from carbohydrate. But . . . 
• One group got a lot of extra protein and lower in fat – and protein right after exercise
• The other group got a more typical amount of protein and higher fat intake
Now, here's the kicker. They came into the lab 6 days a week to exercise. Here what they did there for their workout:
• Circuit weight training twice a week
• High-intensity interval training twice a week
• Cycling testing once a week
• Plyometrics - lots of high-intensity jumping
• Walking 10,000 steps a day
Both groups lost weight over the four-week study– ranging from 7 to 13 pounds. The low protein diet group did not lose much of the weight as muscle – most of their weight loss was fat. But the high protein group – which still lost quite a bit of weight – actually gained muscle mass to the tune of about 2.5  pounds of muscle! But interestingly, they did not do better on most of the strength and performance tests.
What this means for you: Now attaining these results in the real world would be tough. Interestingly, none of the men in the study wanted to continue after the four-week study period. Cutting calories by almost half and exercising at these intense levels would be almost impossible to maintain for most of us. But we can learn from this study that by combining higher protein with calorie cutting and exercising as much as possible can, at least, minimize muscle loss.

JEH JEH LIVE - February is Black History Month. In celebration, Jeh Jeh catches up with some choirs this month for special music. Today he joined us from Tuskegee University. The Tuskegee Choir is an organization steeped in more than a century of pride and the richest of choral traditions. Since its inception, the Tuskegee Choir has served as an artistic model while carving its place in American history. The school choir was developed in 1886 because Dr. Washington had determined that the Institute was in need of a group of singers who could lead vesper services and sing for special campus occasions. The 2016 spring tour takes the choir through the state of Florida, where it will present concerts in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Panama City, Pensacola, and in Mobile, Alabama.  The choir is under the direction of Wayne A. Barr, D.M.A., Director of Choral Activities.

IMAGINE HEAVEN - Janice talked with New York Times Bestselling Author John Burke about his new book "Imagine Heaven." In Imagine Heaven, Burke compares over 100 gripping stories of near-death experiences answers to our biggest questions of Heaven. This thrilling journey into the afterlife will make you feel like you've been there. It will forever change the way you view the life to come and the way you live your life today. And he says you'll discover Heaven is even more amazing than you've ever imagined. For more information, visit

WOODLAWN ON DVD - Mike talked with Tony Nathan, two-time starting Running Back for the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl, and Caleb Castille, the actor who played Nathan in "Woodlawn." The film is now on DVD and on store shelves. Woodlawn is the story of Tony Nathan. After a government mandate, Tony Nathan, a gifted high school football player, and other black students desegregate Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973. As cross burnings and riots erupt in the city, Tandy Gerelds, the Woodlawn Colonels football coach, struggles to ease racial tensions between his players. It's only when Gerelds allows Hank, an outsider, to speak to his team that real change begins. Hank, who has been radically affected by the message of hope and love he experienced at a Christian revival meeting, tells the players a "better way" is possible through following Jesus. More than 40 players, nearly the entire team, black and white, give their lives over to Jesus Christ and the spiritual change has a profound effect on the coach, the school and the community. For more information, visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama is one of Jeh Jeh's favorite days of the year.... he gets to judge the Jack's Biscuit Bake-off! Rachael Ray has big plans for the next few weeks and she joins us with a look at her upcoming shows! Want to grow fruit in your yard? We look at pollination perfection for your fruit trees! The doctor joins us to take your questions about your heart and the connection between it and your head! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!