Pharmacy committed to Fairfield after loss of Walmart, U.S. Steel tax revenue

Pharmacy committed to Fairfield after loss of Walmart, U.S. Steel tax revenue

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - While some businesses are leaving Fairfield, others are staying put.

Payless Drugs has been in the same location in Fairfield for more than 25 years. The owner says he's making an investment in that community and is even looking at other opportunities to help the city grow.

"The residents haven't moved away, the businesses may have, but the residents haven't and they need service," said co-owner Boyd Ennis.

His father and uncle bought the place in 1989.

"We had a loyal following, when Fairfield was a booming area when we had Lloyd Nolan Hospital. U.S. Steel. You had a lot of families that started here. We have second, third, and even fourth generation still coming here," continued Ennis.

Without the pharmacy at Walmart Ennis hoped  those customers would start using them as opposed to other providers in the area. It's something the city council president Darnell Gardner also hoped.

At Monday night's city council meeting he encouraged the community to shop local, including Payless Drugs. Some in the community like Lillie Burroughs took him up on the offer.

"After Walmart left Fairfield this was my secondary and I knew where I was coming," she said. "I called to let them know I was transferring and they did everything they could to make sure my medicine was there and called and let me know it was here."

Burroughs said it's important to shop local.

"That monetary gain helps our city and helps Fairfield get back on its feet like it needs to be," she said.

The city will need the community to keep their dollars in Fairfield. They've already lost $1.5 million in sales tax revenue from Walmart along with the utility and payroll tax from U.S. Steel.

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