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Gallup: Alabama most conservative state in nation

(Source: WSFA 12 News in Montgomery) (Source: WSFA 12 News in Montgomery)

A new Gallup poll of political party affiliation finds Alabama and Idaho as the most conservative states in the nation.

The survey released on Wednesday ranks Alabama as the fifth most Republican state with Wyoming named the most Republican state in the country.
Vermont and Hawaii identify as the most Democratic states in the nation. Vermont ranks as the most liberal state.

Solidly or leaning Republican states outnumber solidly or leaning Democratic states for the first time in the eight-year history of Gallup tracking partisanship by state. 

Gallup identifies 20 states as solidly or leaning Republican with 14 states solidly or leaning Democratic. The other 16 states are identified as competitive.

In a release of the poll, Gallup states the findings mark "a dramatic shift from 2008, when Democratic strength nationally was it's greatest in recent decades."

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