Man talks about what it was like to be kidnapped

Man talks about what it was like to be kidnapped

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Kidnapping victim talks about his ordeal

What would you do if someone kidnapped you at work and threw you in the back of your car at gunpoint? Tonight the Tuscaloosa hotel clerk who survived his kidnapping yesterday is talking to our Sherea Harris not only about his ordeal, but also sharing some tips on how he survived—information you'll hopefully never need to use but might come in handy one day.

Protect your home

Something we all are thinking about in the wake of this crime spree is how to protect our own homes because this gunman walked right into a Vestavia home in the middle of breakfast and kidnapped a wife and mother. New on WBRC FOX6 News at 10 our John Huddleston is walking through a home with a home security expert to look at vulnerabilities and ways to shore those up, and what he found may help you fortify your home as well.

And the race is on!

And we're all over the Iowa Caucuses tonight and as the first actual votes come in, we'll keep you updated with totals and some instant analysis.

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