How to use the First Alert Weather app, NOAA Weather Radio

How to use the First Alert Weather app, NOAA Weather Radio

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The WBRC First Alert Weather app is a FREE app featuring content from the WBRC First Alert weather team. The app includes live video streaming, push alerts for severe weather warnings, hourly and daily forecasts, and the ability to submit weather photos and videos to WBRC FOX6 News.

The alerts are sent based on the device's location, using GPS. This means you don't have to select any particular county - you are simply warned if severe weather is threatening the current location of your device.

You can customize what alerts you wish to receive, or choose to select none. Severe weather is selected by default. Options include:

*Severe Weather Alerts - these are severe weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service.
*Lightning Alerts - these are notifications about lightning that has been detected near your chosen location.
*Precipitation Alerts - these are notifications about precipitation that is expected soon at your chosen location.
*WBRC Alerts - these are notifications about upcoming weather changes from the WBRC First Alert Weather Team.

When you first install the app, it will walk you through choosing what alerts you want to receive. To edit them later, look in the app settings menu.

You can also customize how you want your alerts displayed. To do this, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then click "Notifications" and then select "WBRC Wx" and follow the instructions.

Other features include:

  • The ability to plot watch and warning outlines from either the US National Weather Service or Environment Canada. For example, users can overlay current radar over the outline of the latest severe thunderstorm warning.
  • "As you type" location searching will make adding additional locations to your favorite list easier and more intuitive. In addition, changes have been made to the overall user interface for location editing.

All versions of the app offer:

  • Interactive map optimized for LTE and WiFi performance
  • Vertical and horizontal map display with animated radar map looping
  • NOWRAD, a highly responsive modern radar map display
  • Storm tracking to show which way storms are moving
  • Current temperatures, high temperature, low temperature, dewpoint
  • Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
  • Exclusive Road Weather Index (patent pending)
  • Color-coded weather alerts arranged by severity
  • Fully-integrated GPS for current location awareness
  • Integrated compass overlay
  • LIVE VIDEO STREAMING from WBRC FOX6 News, including daily newscasts, breaking news, and severe weather coverage
  • Video forecasts from the WBRC First Alert weather team
  • Accurate 10-day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
  • Sunrise, sunset, UV index
  • Ability to easily save your favorite locations
  • Customize display settings for map layers (radar, satellite, road weather, wind speed, tropical satellite)
  • Custom overlays (turn on or off): Earthquakes, Storm Tracks, Tropical Tracks, Compass
  • Display temperature units in Farenheit or Celsius
  • Display wind units in Mph or Kph
  • Full-featured and user tested
  • Earthquake plotting - tap on an earthquake to display its detail
  • Full featured and user tested
  • Weather Widget for unlock page
  • Storm Track Plotting
  • Tropical Track Plotting
  • Status bar alert acknowledgement
  • Alerts over map on/off switch in settings

NOAA Weather Radio

Do you own a NOAA weather radio? If so, you want to make sure it's correctly programmed ahead of potential severe weather.

J-P Dice filmed a six-minute tutorial on how to program your NOAA weather radio. Click this link to watch it on YouTube:

To program your weather radio, you will need your county's SAME code and the frequency for the transmitter you're closest to. You can find that information here on the NWS website:

For continuing weather updates, visit

For the latest weather information and forecast, visit

For the latest detailed updates from the First Alert Weather team, visit

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