College Calendar: Avoid these big mistakes to get into college

College Calendar: Avoid these big mistakes to get into college
Source: WBRC video
Source: WBRC video

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Fairfield Preparatory High School student Raven Watts has acceptance letters from both the University of Alabama and Alabama A&M, but making sure she gets into college doesn't stop there.

"I know if my ACT score goes up I will definitely have a scholarship," she said.

She knows that from talking to the college admissions counselors.

The admissions counselor should be your new best friend, according to Jazmund Walker of College Admissions Made Possible, who has a background as an admissions counselor.

She says after the acceptance letter, maintaining contact with the university's admissions counselor is key. It's number one on her list of avoiding big mistakes, like missing important deadlines, that could shut the door on getting into college.

"Try to make contact with that admissions counselor at that school. That will be your one-stop shop to everything that school has. So if there is a scholarship, additional scholarship the school offers, that admissions counselor may know. There are sometimes scholarships that are not listed on the school's website that that admissions counselor may know," she said.

She also reminds students that scholarships that have been awarded have to actually be accepted.

"The school's not going to actually know that you want those scholarships unless you actually tell them," Walker said.

In addition, tie up those loose strings on documents you still have to turn in and FAFSA, the free Application for Student Aid.

"You also want to go ahead and apply for housing. A lot of students wait until the last minute to apply for housing, go ahead and get your application in because those slots fill up quickly," Walker said.

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