Good Day Alabama: Jan. 11, 2016

Good Day Alabama: Jan. 11, 2016

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JEH JEH LIVE- Jeh Jeh joins us live from the Shades Valley YMCA with Mickal Thomas. Today he shows us about how you get a log and begin logging your food and activity on a daily basis.  For three days straight I want you to write down everything you eat, drink, the activity you did, how much sleep you had, and the levels of stress you encountered each day.  All of those things will drastically affect your overall weight loss.  After accessing that log over three days, we are going to set a plan that will remove foods that will slow-down the weight loss.  Now on to the fun part: exercise.  Let's start with a fun warm-up to get the heart rate jumping and the body ready for movement.  For more information, call 205-870-9622.

VET SPECIALIST -Dr. Jerome Williams joined us along with Dr. Ingrid Straeter. You can reach Dr. Ingrid Straeter at Veterinary Diagnostics and Cardiac Evaluations Inc. at 205-967-9134. You can reach Dr. Williams at Red Mountain Animal Clinic at 205-326-8080 or Dr. Ingrid Straeter and Dr. Williams discussed your pet's hearts and echocardiograms. The hallmark of the disease, only visible with echo, is a decreased contractility.  Another important factor is a possible arrhythmia, either only the arrhythmia with no echo changes yet, or concomitant with the echo changes. Symptoms vary greatly and usually are due to severity of disease. There may or may not be a heart murmur or an arrhythmia, maybe a cough, labored breathing - advanced. Large breeds such as Great Danes or Boxer dogs disproportionately affected. Best to screen even if no symptoms whatsoever. Causes not known, in some breeds taurine and L-carnitine can be helpful. Medication available and will be helpful in varying degrees depending on how advanced the disease was at discovery.

BBB - David Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau joined us with some questions to ask before you join a gym. Getting into better shape is at or near the top of everyone's New Year's resolutions list.  That's a boon for health clubs, but can be a boondoggle for those who choose to join. It can be expensive to join gyms and health clubs, so Better Business Bureau advises consumers to treat a gym membership like any major purchase and do their research before signing on the dotted line.
Billing and collection issues, along with overall unhappiness with the membership contract, are top consumer concerns as the number of complaints filed with the BBB against health clubs has remained steady.
Five questions to ask the gym:
1. What are the terms of any introductory offers? Gyms often use special introductory offers to lure in new members. Make sure you understand the terms and what the price will be once the introductory period is over.
2. Will my membership renew automatically? Many times people who join a gym don't realize that their contract renews automatically and that they would have to take specific steps to cancel their contract.
3. How can I get out of my contract? Getting out of a gym contract isn't always as easy as getting into one, so make sure you understand what steps you would need to take to cancel your membership.
4. What happens if I move? Gyms have any number of different policies when it comes to how moving will affect your membership. It might depend on how far away you're moving and if they have other locations nearby.
5. What happens if the gym goes out of business? Ask the gym to explain what will happen to your money if they suddenly close down.
Five questions to ask yourself when looking at potential gyms/health clubs:
1. What are my fitness goals? Determining your fitness goals in advance will help you select a facility that is most appropriate for you. If you have a serious health condition, consult with a medical professional when setting your fitness goals.
2. Is this location convenient? If the gym is across town, you'll be less likely to work out. Choose a fitness club that is convenient to work or home so the location is not a deterrent to getting exercise.
3. Can I really afford this every month? Monthly gym fees add up and after any introductory periods are over, the price could jump higher than your budget can handle. Do the math before you join and make sure you can afford a gym membership.
4. Am I feeling pressured to join? Do not give in to high-pressure sales tactics to join right away. A reputable gym will give you enough time to read the contract thoroughly, tour the facilities, and make an informed decision.
5. Did I get everything in writing? Read the contract carefully and make sure that all verbal promises made by the salesperson are in writing.  What matters is the document you sign, so don't just take a salesperson's word for it.

ASK THE GARDENER - Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent Sallie Lee took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can reach her at the Extension office with your questions at (205) 879-6964 ext 11.

KARLE IN ARIZONA - Alabama faces Clemson tonight in the National Championship for college football. Rick Karle is in Arizona for the big game and he joined us live. He discussed Sunday's final newser with the coaches. He said Saban was serious while Dabo Swinney was loose and raced. In tonight's game Clemson is led by QB DeShaun Watson while Bama is led by a killer Defense.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we take you back live to Arizona for reaction to tonight's National Championship Game! Jump start your finances in the new year! We show you how in Money Tuesday! The latest cars and concepts unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and we take you there to check it all out! Plus we check out the latest music and movies hitting store shelves this week! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!