Police search for suspect who shot and killed Iraqi war veteran

Police search for suspect who shot and killed Iraqi war veteran

Good afternoon from the desk of Janet Hall.  Here are the stories we're working on for WBRC FOX6 News this evening.

Search for killer in Hoover

Hoover Police are looking for a suspect who shot and killed Mike Gilotti early this morning in front of Gilotti's home in Lake Cyrus. Gilotti is an Iraqi war veteran, a husband and a father of two young children. Police believe the shooting may be related to a string of car thefts in the area and are asking the public to be alert. We'll have the full story and the latest on the investigation at 5.

Girl sexually assaulted

Registered sex offender, 51-year-old Orlando Howard, is accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Pleasant Grove.  At the time, police say the girl's mother was doing business as a prostitute. The full story at 5.

Twin toddlers die in house fire

Heartbreak in Walker County after 19-month-old twins, Kamden and Kelsey Williams, died in a house fire at their home in the Manchester community last night. The father, who suffered burns, says a couch caught on fire and he was unable to put it out.

Those stories and more beginning at 5 on WBRC FOX6 News.

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