Severe weather checklist and preparation tips

Severe weather checklist and preparation tips

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Anytime there is a threat of severe weather, you should have plan of action before a storm hits.

Have multiple ways to receive a severe weather warning. The outdoor siren doesn't count because you might not be able to hear it inside your home. I would encourage you to have the WBRC First Alert Weather app as well as a NOAA weather radio.

Make sure your mobile devices are fully charged. Follow these tips for conserving battery on your mobile devices:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi (if your power is out it’s not available and will be using energy scanning for available networks)
  • Since you’re likely in the dark, turn the screen brightness down as low as possible to view.  Displays are big energy hogs.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if not needed.  This will also reduce energy use by scanning in the background for available devices.
  • Try to limit the number of open apps.  Close apps if not in use – you do not want them using battery in the background.
  • Stream WBRC live coverage on your mobile device at the very lowest brightness setting or screen off mode. (Note this will impact your data usage). Satellite subscribers can use the WBRC apps as backup for streaming coverage if weather interferes with satellite signal.

Have a flashlight and batteries in case of power outages.

Have a helmet for yourself and your children. It is preferred that you have a helmet with a strap. Bicycle, football, and motorcycle helmets are ideal.

If you live in a mobile home, you need to find a more study structure. Contact a friend or relative to make arrangements to visit them during severe weather.

Do some last minute checks on your storm shelter if you have one.

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