Fire destroys home, but not family's Christmas

Fire destroys home, but not family's Christmas

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A fire one week ago destroyed Nisika Mack's home at the 600 block of Willow Lane.

She and her three grandchildren escaped with their lives, but nothing more. Mack is the primary caretaker of her three grandchildren. They were decorating their family Christmas tree she heard a loud pop and smelled smoke.

"I was blessed to get out. I'm blessed to be still here," Mack said.

The family is staying with friends.

As she looked at photos of the house, Mack explained that the home and car are considered a total loss.

"We got to find a new house, get them in a good school, so there's a lot that we have to think about," Mack said.

And the young kids of another question on their minds – how is Santa going to find them?

"He's still going to try to bring you some things. Maybe not as much as you would have gotten at home, but we're going to try to make it a nice Christmas for them," Mack said she told her grandchildren.

Anyone willing to assist the family should email

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