Birmingham police putting cold case info on playing cards

Birmingham police putting cold case info on playing cards

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham police are putting information about unsolved murder mysteries on playing cards in an effort to help them solve cold cases.

The military has used this tactic in the war on terror to help keep clues and pictures of suspects and victims fresh in officers' minds.

Birmingham police are about a third of the way there in getting the deck of cards produced. Several other cities are already using similar types of cards.

The cards would be a legitimate playing deck with 54 cards in each and the goal is to distribute them to inmates in the city, county and federal jails.

Playing cards is a favorite pastime for those behind bars and police feel that seeing the victims' faces may prompt inmates to talk amongst themselves or jog the memory of someone who may have info.

It may prompt an inmate to have a change of heart and come forward with information.

But it's also about sending a message to the victim's loved ones.

"We want them to know we have people actively working those cases of their loved ones and again, they're not forgotten. And so, we want to bring closure and I understand that it won't bring family members back, but at least it would bring them some information of comfort to [say,] 'Hey, we have identified and we have some great leads as it relates to your loved one," Lt. Sean Edwards said.

At this time, police are still reaching out to family members of cold case victims...getting permission to use their loved ones info on the cards.

Lt. Edwards says the department will print several thousand of the cards and distribute them as soon as possible.

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