More live reports from I-20/59 chemical spill at 5 a.m.

More live reports from I-20/59 chemical spill at 5 a.m.

Here some news items were working on:

You saw the video last night of the 18-wheeler leaking potentially hazardous chemicals onto I-20/59.  The northbound lanes between Arkadelphia Road and Malfunction Junction are still closed. This morning we are checking the Interstate and following up on the situation.

Mickey is working to get the newest information on Sunday's severe weather threat.

Jacksonville Police are calling this crime "stupid."   They've arrested three people accusing them of shooting BB guns throughout two cities.

Senator Richard Shelby is co-sponsoring a bill by Senator Ted Cruz to allow state's governors to refuse refugees.

We are talking more about an offer from Alabama Power for you to get a $25 credit on your bill IF you agree to allow them to limit your air-conditioning to 10-minutes every half hour.

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