Good Day Alabama: Dec. 7, 2015

Good Day Alabama: Dec. 7, 2015

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JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh worked out on this Exercise Monday! He joins us with Curtis Starks at EVO Be Fit. It is located at 2006 2nd Avenue North. Evo is a boot camp-style workout center with its own personal training program tailored to your goals while sharing the attention of your trainer with a few other clients. Curtis and his team work closely with each client to create an optimum workout based on your age, ability, physical condition and lifestyle. Today Curtis discussed TRX exercises. For more information, call 205-583-3000 log on to

WOODLAWN BOOK - Todd Gerelds is the author of the "Woodlawn" book which was turned into a movie.  He's the son of legendary Coach Tandy Geralds. His father's skill in coaching and winning teams translated to a desire in Todd to encourage, coach and believe big for the all the people who have come into his life. His 20 plus years in the medical industry helping patients and doctors learn and live better lives played into his affinity for people. When John and Andy Erwin, producers of the"Woodlawn" movie approached Todd to write the story of his dad, Coach Tandy Gerelds, he immediately saw it as an opportunity to reach more connect with as many people as possible to tell the story of hope and grace, love and change that is possible through Jesus. God is doing a major work among His people, this country, and even the world, and His message to us is one: reconciliation through the love of Jesus Christ. That is Todd's mission in writing "Woodlawn, The True Story," it is his passion in the talks he gives, and it is the one legacy he hopes to leave to future generations. This riveting true story of courage, strength, and football at the height of racial tension in Birmingham inspired the motion picture "Woodlawn," and tells the story of Coach Tandy Gerelds, his running back Tony Nathan, and a high school football game that healed a city. Woodlawn became a major motion picture starring Jon Voight, Nic Bishop, and C. Thomas Howell. In the midst of violent, impassioned racial tensions in Birmingham, new football coach, Tandy Gerelds, was struggling to create a winning football team at Woodlawn High School—one of the last schools in Birmingham to integrate. The team he was handed did not have the caliber of players he needed to win—until he saw Tony Nathan run. But Tony was African American and Coach Gerelds knew that putting him in as running back would be like drawing a target on his own back and the back of his soon-to-be star player. But Coach Gerelds saw something in Tony, and he knew that his decision to let him play was about more than football. It was about doing what was right for the school…and the city. And soon, the only place in the city where blacks and whites got along was on Coach Gerelds's football team. With the help of a new school chaplain, Tony learned to look beyond himself and realized that there was more at stake than winning a game. In 1974, Coach Gerelds's interracial team made Alabama history drawing 42,000 fans into the stadium to watch them play. It was this game that triggered the unity and support of the Woodlawn High School Colonels and that finally allowed a city to heal and taught its citizens how to love. For more information, visit

FINEBAUM ON FOOTBALL - Mike talked with Paul Finebaum about college football. They discuss the Championship games over the weekend and the playoff committee's picks for the playoff games and final rankings. Clemson ended the season ranked number one, Alabama ranked number 2, Michigan State at No.3, and Oklahoma at number 4. Alabama faces Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl on Dec. 31 at 7 p.m. Clemson plays Oklahoma in the Orange bowl earlier that afternoon. The winner of the two games plays in the National Championship game on Monday, Jan. 11. Derrick Henry had another strong showing this weekend during Alabama's win over Florida in the SEC Championship game. Florida's strong defense couldn't contain him as he ran nearly 40 times again this week. Michigan State beat Iowa in a close game for the Big 10 title. Oklahoma didn't have to play this weekend to win its conference title. Clemson beat North Carolina to win the ACC title. Bama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart will be the University of Georgia's next head coach, replacing Mark Richt who was released after the regular season and now heads to Miami. Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is expected to be announced as the next head coach at South Carolina.

MOMMY MINUTE - If you're looking for some great gift ideas that your kids can make, Alabama's Parenting Assistance Line or PAL can help. Here are some suggestions that are easy to make, inexpensive and will be sentimental for the person receiving it:
-Triangle Ornament - glue three popsicle sticks together to form a triangle and decorate with buttons, pompoms, feathers, ribbon, just about anything!  Add a picture to personalize it.
-Tile or Pot Holder - to make a Santa head, paint the top half of child's palm with red paint for the hat, paint the middle part of the palm with flesh colored paint for the face, paint all the fingers - including the thumb - with white paint for the beard and tip of hat. Add black dots or googly eyes for the eyes.
-Birdfeeders - get a pine cone out of your yard.  Spread peanut butter on the tips all around it.  Roll in birdseed.  Add yard or pipe cleaner for a hanger.
-Bookmark - use any kind of ribbon and glue buttons or pompoms at top and bottom.
-Ornament - fill a plastic ornament with confetti and let the child decorate the outside.
These ideas are provided by PAL based at the Child Development Center in Tuscaloosa.  PAL provides guidance, encouragement and support for all things child-related.
You can call 1-866-962-3030 Monday - Friday 8 a.m.– 8 p.m.  Your call will be confidential unless you want PAL to mail you more resources, then you can provide your name and mailing address.

ASK THE GARDENER– Fred Spicer, Executive Director of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, took questions from viewers about their gardening needs. You can contact him at the Gardens or find more info at

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, the end of the year draws near. We look at a few reminders for end of the year tax strategies in Money Tuesday! Our nutritionist shows us how to make the most of your milk! There are a lot of popular milk choices: cow, soy, and almond. But are they nutritional equals? She reveals the answer! Thank you for giving to all the Angels on the Angel Trees this year! We check out all the goodies you gave hat go out to those kids in need this year! And new music and movies make great stocking stuffers! We show you what's new in entertainment! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day!