Morning news headlines

Morning news headlines

Good morning!  Here are a few of the stories we are working on for you this morning:

Another cold morning you'll be waking up to.   Jill will tell you when it might possibly warm up again.

Happening now, the Etowah County Sheriff's Office is looking for a fugitive, 58-year-old Barry Drenner.  We'll share his picture so that you can help police.

In light of that recent mass shooting in California, three law enforcement officers in our area have come up with a program for school systems to help prepare for a potential active shooter situation.

How do you talk with your kids about the violence and tragedies in the world today?  A local psychology expert has some tips for parents.

The U.S. Senate passes a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act(also known as ObamaCare).  The President is expected to veto it, but the Senate is planning to use that as a campaign agenda.

We have several treats for you:  Ruben Studdard teams up with his old bandmates for a special Christmas concert! They perform for us in the studio and tell you how to get your tickets!

The longest-serving White House chef comes to town and joins us in the Good Day Kitchen the the famous gingerbread house recipe!

And, it's National Cookie Day!  Yum!

Plus, Mike Dubberly has cooked up another entertaining version of Dub's Dubs!

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