Live reports on San Bernardino shooting at 5 a.m.

Live reports on San Bernardino shooting at 5 a.m.

Good morning, the weather has turned colder.  We'll tell you what to expect for today and this weekend!

We will also monitor the breaking news out of California on the San Bernardino shooting.  Right now, we know that 14 are dead and 18 were injured.  We know that two suspects, a husband and wife, have been killed.  FBI and terrorism task forces have not confirmed that it was a terrorist attack.

However, at 7:30 a.m., a decorated military vet who has fought against terrorists tells us why he believes it was a jihadist motivated attack.

Also at 7:30 a.m., a local sheriff, who trains others in active shooter situations, talks about the need for businesses and buildings to step up their security.

This morning, a 16-year-old in custody and facing charges of shooting another child. You may remember us telling you about a child shot in the leg at a playground on Messer-Airport Highway.

This morning, Calhoun County police looking into a deadly house fire.

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