UA professor studies the affect Thanksgiving dinner has on your sleep

UA professor studies the affect Thanksgiving dinner has on your sleep

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A University of Alabama professor has studied turkey's alleged sleepy affect on his students and has made some tasty discoveries.

Dr. Adam Knowlden, assistant professor with Health Science, used surveys to discover how eating turkey with its amino acid tryptophan affected his students' sleep.

"About 9 million Americans take prescription sleep aids right now so we are trying to find some healthier, natural ways to help people get better sleep so we wanted to take a look at the effects that food have on sleep," he said.

And perhaps turkey, the Thanksgiving staple, is best known as a sleep aid with its amino acid, tryptophan, known to put people to sleep. And what better time for Knowlden to release his study on its impact on sleep.

"What we found was that really, people who consumed good protein sources. Things like turkey and chicken. Those people tended to have better sleep quality," he said.

Knowlden made another interesting discovery from the survey-style study on sleep habits and food.

"What we've actually found is it's really not the turkey in and of itself that makes you tired. It's kind of eating the turkey in combination with the mashed potatoes, the stuffing and the gravy."

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