Good Day Alabama: Nov. 24, 2015

Good Day Alabama: Nov. 24, 2015

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JEH JEH LIVE - This 15th annual "I Cared Enough" Thanksgiving Event at Bill Harris Arena at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. today will provide free groceries, clothes, haircuts, a health screening, worship service and a Thanksgiving meal. All donations of canned goods, clothing, toys, school supplies, etc. can be dropped off at Daniel Cason Ministries 538 7th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203.  Call 205-320-2111 for information.  Monetary donations can be sent to Daniel Cason Ministries P.O. Box 39090, Birmingham, AL 35208 or send to Liberty Church 2732 Old Rocky Ridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35216.

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin says it's what you do after Thanksgiving that's most important for your health. Well, this is the time of year when I am supposed to do my dietitian duties and tell you how to turn your favorite holiday recipes into low calorie, low sugar, low-fat, taste-free atrocities. But I won't do it. When it comes to changing Thanksgiving recipes, my advice? Don't bother. Thanksgiving is just one day– or two or three if you have leftovers! People should enjoy the traditional dishes that make this day special to us. One day is not going to make or break anyone's diet. It's what you do after Thanksgiving that really matters for your holiday health. So, do these things on Friday -if you're not shopping- and the days afterward:

  • Go for a walk. Or the gym. Rake some leaves. But do something active. If your Thanksgiving meal is early in the day, go for a walk afterwards. It can help lower your blood sugar and one small study showed that it can lower triglycerides - blood fats.
  • Get back to your healthy eating. Sure, there are leftovers – and you should enjoy them. But go light – skip seconds and share the dessert! Don't let one day of overeating turn into overeating for the next week. While studies show that the average weight gain over the holiday season is only around one pound – that's the average – meaning some people may be gaining more while others don't gain at all. And the problem with that one pound weight gain is that most people don't take that pound off. So, twenty holiday seasons later, you're 20 pounds heavier.
  • Make a Plan and write it down. Thanksgiving is the first day of the over-a-month-long food frenzy. You're going to need a plan and some determination to not turn every day into an excuse to overeat. Be picky about which events you want to indulge a little more and which are not worth it. Hint: the pre-packaged cookies in the breakroom at work are not worth it.

And, if you want my very easy and very tasty cranberry compote recipe, visit Beth's blog at   what makes this recipe so great is that it has pears in it – yum! And, you don't put the cranberries through a food mill – which is messy and takes the skins off – which is where a lot of the healthy phytochemicals are. You just put all the ingredients on the stove and let them simmer down. It's always a big hit in my family and tastes great days later for leftovers. In fact, it's what I eat for dessert for the next week!

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us with ideas for holiday giving without breaking the bank! It's easy to spend a small fortune giving gifts over the upcoming holidays even if you find great deals on sale.  Last week, he challenged his readers to share their best low-cost gift giving ideas:

  • Bake and Freeze.  “My mom always made biscuits at least 2-3 times per week. Several years ago she made the comment that she wasn't able to make them anymore. The biscuit board was too heavy. It took more effort and stamina than she had. It made my heart sad to hear it. For the last several Christmases, I have made homemade biscuits for her to keep in her freezer. She was able to take out and enjoy however many she needed. I did the same with cornbread. This was a gift, from the heart, that she always enjoyed. Sometimes gifts aren't about the money spent; but about meeting the needs of others and giving from the heart.” --Donna B.
  • Personal Gift Card.  “Make up an original and clever gift card that offer 1-2 hours of personal service.  Use your imagination for the services you'd offer but here are some to get you started: Cut the grass; rake leaves; buy groceries -labor not cash; drive car pool for a week; walk the dog for a week; wash dishes for a week - family gift; do laundry for a week - family gift; wash car.” --Don T.
  • Use Travel Points.  “If you travel a lot, the hotel chain you use will give you points, which can be redeemed for several items -- INCLUDING gift cards.  You are likely being reimbursed on your expense account for the rooms anyway, so your cost is ZERO.  Redeem points for gift cards.  A stack of $50 gift cards will allow you to complete your "shopping" from your computer, let everyone on your list shop for something they REALLY want, and you are now the ‘favorite uncle.’” --Perry G.
  • DIY Picture Frames. “If you are a crafty individual there are plenty of tutorials on how to make picture frames. That is usually a go-to of mine. That way it is homemade.  You can't beat something built with you in mind!”
  • BOGO Grocery Shop.“Treat co-workers, teacher, etc. with doughnuts or bagels for a breakfast treat when your local grocery store has a buy one get one free deal going on.” --Kelly D.
  • Gift Family Heirlooms. “ People in my family have always given special heirlooms on Christmas. My grandmother gives each of the girls in the family a piece of jewelry she already has. It makes her happy to see us enjoy something that meant a lot to her. My mother has copied cherished family photos and given them as gifts to us, so that we can have those memories in our own home. An example is a picture of my grandparents at age 17 and 18, a few months after they were married.” --Callie J.
  • Personal Services revisited.  “Offer to babysit so the parents can enjoy a night out without worrying about their children.  Wash their car…this is a job most people do not enjoy doing!  Run errands for people who are short on time.” --Ramona B.
  • Give Time with Friends.  “Instead of buying gifts, spend time together with friends or family volunteering for a charity. There are plenty of opportunities and giving back will help you appreciate what the holiday season is really about.”--Maggie E.
  • Make your own ornaments:  “Crafting stores usually have plain, clear glass or plastic ornaments which are fairly inexpensive.  You can paint or even "stuff" the ornament ball with old pictures, a quote, glitter, or something specific to the person you are gifting to and create a one of a kind ornament for them.”--Andrea M.

Great ideas, all!  If you have a group of money-saving-oriented friends that typically exchange gifts, consider declaring this season a 're-gift' season. Agree to gift something of a certain estimated value that you own as a re-gift.  Be careful it's not something they gave you!

HOT HOLIDAY TOYS - This year there are a lot of questions about the business of toys—from what play experiences kids are seeking in a largely tech-driven world and how mobile online shopping is changing the purchasing landscape. But one thing's for certain, kids still want toys—and parents want to make wishes come true. With a new emphasis on value and play value, how do parents pick toys that will create outstanding play experiences for their kids? With more than 160,000 different toys at all price points on the market in the U.S., how do parents choose what's right for their kids? And finding what's right for an individual kid is really what determines a hot toy. Chris Byrne, the director of content for TTPM, showcased toys that have been reviewed and selected by the editorial team. TTPM and its Shop for Kids app are primary destinations that parents and gift givers turn to for great ideas and easy shopping. The site has posted more than 5,000 reviews of toys and family friendly products that are new for 2014 as well as shopping tips, a live price comparison tool, information on kids with special needs and much more. TTPM's video reviews have been seen more than 180 million times thus far in 2015— even before the holiday season has begun. For more information viewers can visit

ASK THE ANGLER - Reed Montgomery answered viewer questions about fishing. You can contact him with your questions at 205-663-1504 or on his website - there you can find lake reports, fishing tips, upcoming events, and more.

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama, we get some advice on Black Friday - how to survive it and how to find the best deals! Think about your pets during the holidays! Our Veterinarian joins us to take your questions about your pets and their health! Jeh Jeh takes us to check out the Gifts for Kids donations and find out how you can help! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!