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Chief Assistant JeffCo DA frustrated by recent string of violent crimes committed by youths

Bill Veitch. (Source: Alan Collins/WBRC) Bill Veitch. (Source: Alan Collins/WBRC)

A top prosecutor in Jefferson County is frustrated with a growing number of violent crimes committed by street gangs and young people.   

Bill Veitch is a longtime prosecutor. He has put away a lot of criminals and murderers and he is upset a growing number are young people. For example, Bessemer Police say three teenagers charged with capital murder along with two other juveniles tied to carjackings are of the Trained to Go Gang (TTG).     

Bessemer Chief District Attorney Bill Veitch says he is learning more and more about gangs than in the past. Veitch said in Bessemer the Bessemer Money Gang has evolved into the More Money Mafia. All of these gang members are pretty much interchangeable according to Veitch.

He described them as a loose net of young people who are poorly educated with no job prospects. The prosecutor said the young people start off petty crimes but escalate to violent crime.

"Yes they are dangerous. They are dangerous for a reason. They have no compassion. They want what you got and they are willing to hurt you to get it that is what makes them dangerous," Veitch said.

The Bessemer Police and Birmingham Police departments to not operate a gang task force. Veitch said combating this growing problem is hard because departments need resources to put more officers into the field and the political will of city leaders to support officers driving these bad elements out of neighborhoods. And Veitch says community involvement is a also must.

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