Alabaster man says friendly conversation turned into armed carjacking

Alabaster man says friendly conversation turned into armed carjacking

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Tyler Parson and his fiancé should be celebrating right now.

On Friday, they got engaged but on Monday, Parsons was robbed at gunpoint.

"I'm going to die. My first thought was he's going to shoot me regardless," said Parsons.

Parsons was sitting in his Dodge Charger in the parking lot outside Game Stop in Probst Promenade in Alabaster Monday night.

He said a red Challenger pulled up next to him and the passenger got out to talk to Parsons about cars.
"I have had the car since May so I'm used to people with other sports cars asking me about my car and you know being friendly. We swap stories and check our engines and you know just talk about it," said Parsons.

So because of previous experiences and conversations about cars, Parson's said this interaction wasn't unusual for him.

"He asked me to pop my hood so he could look at the engine and I popped the hood and I got out and he was like, 'Oh, what kind of key do you have for it?' And my car was a keyless entry, where you push the start and I had the key in my pocket so I showed him. He snagged the key from my hand and pointed the gun to my chest and said, 'Back the f--- up, or I'll f------ kill you,'" said Parsons.

"The one thing that I'm scared about is now that we're engaged that we won't make it to our wedding and something will happen to him. And then that happens," Parson's fiancee, Hunter Youngblood, said of the carjacking.

Parsons said he then ran inside Game Stop and called police. He credits the police department for their work and said it has helped calm some of the
anxiety the incident has caused.

"I did get a call today that my car has been found and that they believe it is totaled and they wouldn't release to me where yet," said Parsons.

Parson's doesn't have external signs of the armed robbery but the internal fears remain a constant.

"I've had a lot of panic attacks. I was taking a shower the other night. She [Youngblood] was at work and I had the dogs in the bathroom with me and when my German Shephard hit the door and I had a panic attack," said Parsons.

Parsons said he wants his scare to be a reminder to people that not everyone has good intentions.
"Be careful of your surroundings. Run through every situation that could possibly happen before you open your mind to someone," said Parsons.
"I am very grateful every day that I get to wake up to his face again," said Youngblood.

Wes Hardin, Vice President of Probst Promenade, the shopping center where Parsons was carjacked, said the strip is patrolled by Alabaster police. Hardin said there has never been a need for extra patrol and said the shopping center is a safe area.

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