Man says friendly conversation suddenly turned into an armed carjacking

Man says friendly conversation suddenly turned into an armed carjacking

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Uber in Birmingham

Do you want Uber in Birmingham? The company's putting on a big PR push this week with a new email blast today to folks who've used Uber in other cities but live here or just potential Uber drivers. Tonight on WBRC FOX6 News at 9 we're looking at the key deadline Friday for a potential change in city rules to let Uber in and why the company is pushing so hard to get you to give the city your feedback.

Man carjacked at gunpoint

"I'm going to die." That's the thought one man says crossed his mind when he was carjacked at gunpoint Monday night. We have his story tonight at 10.

Artificial coloring in your food

I gotta admit, a late-night cereal snack is one of my big weaknesses, something I've tried to cut down on in an effort to get healthier, now it turns out those cereal companies are trying to get healthier on their own by yanking out artificial coloring. It's good news unless you love having six colors in your Trix bowl, because that's one of the changes this new push is bringing. New on WBRC FOX6 News at 10 tonight we're looking at the other ways some of your favorite foods may have to change in order to get all-natural.

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