Attorney for mom charged in 1-year-old's death discusses the disturbing case

Attorney for mom charged in 1-year-old's death discusses the disturbing case
Photos of Kelcia Lewis were printed on a T-shirt worn by friends and family who held a vigil for the little girl on Oct. 20. Source: WBRC video

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Know your rights

After watching that viral video of a violent arrest in Tuscaloosa of three University of Alabama students, you've probably asked yourself, "what would/could I do if cops came to my door?" Tonight on WBRC FOX6 News at 9 we're getting you some sound and free legal advice from local attorneys on what your rights are if the police come to your door, and how to make sure you can protect yourself physically and legally.

Mom charged in 1-year-old's death
This heartbreaking story from Birmingham today of an 8-year-old boy charged with killing a 1-year-old little girl is prompting a lot of discussion in our newsroom and probably in your house as well. Tonight on WBRC FOX6 News at 10 we're talking to the attorney for that little girl's mother, a mom who's charged with manslaughter because she allegedly left the little girl at home while she went out clubbing. Plus we dig to find out what's going to happen to that 8-year-old boy who's now in the system and facing life-altering charges.

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