Dash cam video reveals new angle in officer-involved shooting

Dash cam video reveals new angle in officer-involved shooting

Good afternoon from the desk of Janet Hall. Here are the stories we're working on for WBRC FOX6 News this evening.
PD dash cam video sparks outrage

Dash cam video from a Birmingham police car is sparking outrage from the African American community. The video from 2014 shows an officer shooting a suspect who is on the ground. The officer's description of what happened doesn't seem to match what the video shows. We'll take a closer look.
Dead man identified in kidnapping case

We now know the name of the man who was shot dead by a woman who claims he kidnapped and sexually assaulted her in Forestdale. Jeremy Arnold Ford, 25, was found dead in an apartment in Forestdale last night.
City to fast track permits

Birmingham is vowing to expedite building permits needed to repair and update the Building Trades Towers Apartments that were badly damaged in a fire.  Close to 100 residents were forced to evacuate and are now trying to find new homes. Many are still in a shelter set up by The Salvation Army. How long will it take to re-open the apartments? We're working to get the answer.

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