Over 100 evacuated, dozens in temporary housing after Birmingham apartment fire

Over 100 evacuated, dozens in temporary housing after Birmingham apartment fire

Good morning!  Here are some of the stories your Good Day Alabama crew is working on for you this morning:

Developing out of Birmingham, dozens of Birmingham residents are waking up in a temporary shelter after their apartment caught on fire.  More than 100 people were evacuated when a fire broke out on the 2nd floor of Birmingham Building Trades Towers yesterday.

We don't have a 100 percent chance of rain today, but it's still a high-percentage chance.  Mickey will tell you when to expect the rain to end.

House GOP leaders struck a major budget deal with the White House.  The deal would raise the debt ceiling and lift domestic and defense budget caps. This fiscal deal would avoid a possible debt default on November 3rd and reduce the chances of a government shutdown on December 11th.

And this morning, remnants of Hurricane Patricia taking its toll on parts of Alabama.  We have video from South Alabama where they are dealing with serious flooding due to all the rain in the state. The Gulf State Park Pier is closed for a couple of days for repairs due to damage from these high waves.

A family in Macon County in mourning after their 5-year-old son Bisiah Hedges was run over by a school bus.  His mother sadly saw the entire thing.  She says his backpack got caught in the safety arm of the bus, which was extended with red flashing lights.   The driver apparently didn't see Bisiah when he went back to pick up his supplies, and ran him over.

Back here at home, a prosecutor says it appears the woman accused of driving her car into a homecoming parade in Oklahoma did so quote "purposely." The DA says the evidence suggests the deaths of four people were an "intentional act".

A big talk about in the health world:  A new study suggests that processed meat can cause cancer and red meat could contribute to developing cancer.  Our diet and nutrition expert joins us at 6:25 a.m. and at 7:12 a.m. to discuss if folks who like to eat meat products should actually be concerned.

The Federal Reserve is not expected to raise interest rates.  Our financial expert talks about the ramifications of that decision in Money Tuesday!

Get the scoop on a wild game cook-off where you can enjoy some great food!

Your chance to ask the angler your questions about fishing,

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