JeffCo commissioners won't remove former commissioners' pictures

JeffCo commissioners won't remove former commissioners' pictures
Former commissioner Chris McNair. (Source: Alan Collins/WBRC)
Former commissioner Chris McNair. (Source: Alan Collins/WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - An effort to remove the pictures of six Jefferson County Commissioners from the Jefferson County Courthouse failed on Tuesday.

In the committee, four of Jefferson County's commissioners refused to support an effort to remove the paintings.

David Carrington called for the removal of pictures of the former commissioners who were convicted in federal court of accepting bribes or abusing taxpayer's dollars.

The former commissioners include Mary Buckelew, Gary White, Larry Langford and Chris McNair. All were convicted of or pled guilty to accepting bribes in return for giving out millions of dollars worth of sewer construction business.

Former commissioner Jeff Germany was convicted of misusing taxpayers dollars.

Former commissioner John Katapodis was convicted of misusing taxpayers dollars after he left office. Katapodis never had his picture put up in the commission hallway.

Carrington was disappointed his resolution failed to garner any support. "I think it is important to send a message not only to our citizens who feel like these commissioners betrayed their trust but the financial community at large that we are a new county," said Carrington.

Other Jefferson County Commissioners felt they could not support Carrington's plan. "To erase and remove that would be presumptive of me as a commissioner to try to usurp the authority of the 130,000 citizens that voted these people in for 14 to 16 years," said Stephens.

Stephens said despite their convictions, many of these commissioners did good things for the county and some commissioners did not want to add hardship to the former commissioners' families who have suffered during their ordeal.

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